Monday, May 7, 2012

Sea World with Friends

Last week Missy and I took the kids to Sea World.  We both have Fun Cards and can go for free all year!  This makes it so much nicer the day you go to the park... not feeling like you have to do and see everything to get your money's worth!  We actually spent all of our time in one little portion of the park- dolphins, turtles, and stingrays.  We even picnicked in the dolphin underwater viewing area!  They confiscated our CapriSun straws at the gate, so keeping hydrated was a daunting (and funny) task.

The dolphin/bird show came highly recommended so we made sure to catch that one.  It was phenomenal!  Grace Louise made it through most of the show before showing any signs of boredom.  I was thoroughly entertained!

 The new Turtle Trek exhibit was opening the day we were at the park.  There was so much hype building our anticipation, that the reality ended up being a let down :-(  The wait was really long even though we got an "reservation" ticket.  The girls were wallowing on the floor in one of the (many) holding areas... Joanna was a real mess at this point, definitely ready for a nap!  When the 3D show started, Grace Louise freaked out over the crab... apparently many moms with toddlers are found walking out of this show.  Good times!  lol!

 Sweet friends, who love being together no matter what we are doing!  
This Friday is the BEACH!!!

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