Sunday, August 31, 2008

UF vs Hawaii in The Swamp!!!

Jimmy surprised me with tickets to the first Gator game! I mentioned that I would love to go several weeks back, but Jimmy reminded me that he had a softball tournament on Saturday. I was bummed about not going, but nevertheless settled to watch it in true Gator football fan fashion. On Thursday night we were coming home from Walmart and stopped to check the mail. There were 7 Weikert Ford sales trifolds, all with a different salesperson's name and picture. We just couldn't get over how weird that was.

When we were finally inside Jimmy insisted that we each open one of these "Happy Labor Day- Come buy a car" ads...I reluctantly agreed. When I opened mine there were two tickets to the Gator game inside!!! "Oh my gosh, we won tickets!" I yelled, looking over to see if Jimmy won something too. In all actuality, he had slipped the tickets in the trifold on our way inside from the car...that rascal. It was so romantic (yes, Gator football tickets are considered romantic)!

We drove up Saturday morning and parked on campus just in time to walk up to the stadium in a torrential downpour. No ponchos, no umbrella, no cover..."in all kinds of weather we all stick together". We were drenched from head to toe! The rain stopped as soon as it was time for kickoff, and the weather was great for the rest of the game. We had a blast! Thanks honey for the best surprise!
Even though it was a blowout game, it is always good to be back at The Swamp. The atmosphere is electric and Jimmy and I enjoy it every time!

Cross Creek

After the game, Jimmy and I drove out to Cross Creek, southeast of Gainesville, to eat at The Yearling Restaurant. We love to read historical fiction books and are currently enjoying The Creek by JT Glisson, an account of creek life back in the 1930's. It was so neat to drive around this place where the great stories, illustrated in our minds, actually took place. We hope to go back after reading more about Cross Creek and maybe even stay the weekend at one of the fishing cabins. There is nothing like stepping back in time to enjoy the simple ways of life.
At the infamous creek bridge, where JT Glisson and the rest of the creek folk met to discuss business and make major town decisions.

My 1st Haircut!!!

There were a few times I butchered my own hair in my pre-teen years when I didn't have the patience to wait for my next hair appointment. Aside from those hideous moments, this was my first haircut! And my very own husband was my victim! (Hey, aren't we called to sharpen each other, like iron sharpens iron?) In all actuality, it was Jimmy's the name of saving a few bucks. We borrowed some clippers, and bought a few basic supplies- scissors and a comb. I threw a sheet around him, gave my new $5 scissors a test "snip, snip" and went to work like I was a "Hair Stylist Extraordinaire"! This is supposed to be easy, right? Afterall, I've seen it done a thousand times. Not so much. It was a very stressful 2 hours (yes, it really did take that long), but in the end, it didn't turn out so bad. No worries, the pictures are not all from the final product. They reveal the process of my magnificent work! The fading was by far the hardest part, but you know what they say...practice makes perfect!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lance's 26th BDay!

We went to Manny's Chophouse tonight to celebrate my big bubba's 26th BDay! Lance, Me, Jimmy, Chris, Kelly, Triston, Mom, and Rick. We are thankful to God to have Lance in our lives another year! Good times!

Triston was being quite a pill when it came to taking a picture with Uncle Lance. Lance offered to pay him a dollar for a picture... apparently, this is all a dollar will buy from "Toni"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Night Rock N Boll

We had a great time with great friends at the Bowling Alley in Sebring. Danna and James joined us with my adorable cousin, Quentin, and Cathy and Jason came from Sebring. We hauled Eric with us in the trunk (just kidding) and a few other friends made it a super night!
Fine bowling skills displayed by...
Tyler (a.k.a. Chibo--on the scoreboard anyway), Jimbo, Eric, and Dannna

Bobby and Jimmy play softball together and here we are with his new, precious wife, Brittany! (By the way, these boys played softball in Tampa all day...its a wonder they had any energy left to bowl! Hard core...)

Yep, that's right. Bottom left picture is proof that I did not come in last! I beat Eric, a.k.a "Skille"

Cathy, Jason, Me, Jimmy, Danna, James....and Quinten :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jimmy's 30th Birthday

Jimmy turned 30 wonderful years old on August 7th, so to celebrate we had a Low Country Boil at the lake. Thanks to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Doug for being such gracious hosts! The party was everything I had hoped for Jimmy and it really was a special day! Praise God for the beautiful weather and great friends and family.

There is something exciting (and sexy!) about being married to a man who is 30!

Jimmy's fabulous demonstration on How to Eat a Crawfish

Jimmy and Dave (the one with the mouthful of hotdog!)

We ended the night (way too late) celebrating Gumby's Birthday at the Highlander in downtown Lake Wales. Whew...what a day! Happy Birthday, my love!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here we are with our great friends from Gainesville, Zac and Kristy Sutton. We love them so much and their adorable children, Beckett and Evie! They were down staying with family in Lake Wales so we stopped by for a quick visit.