Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a southern thang!

The most popular questions I get these days:

  1. "When are you due?"
  2. "Boy or girl?"
  3. "Have you thought of name for her?"

The first two are easy. (I hope). The last one is the curve ball. My answer always starts with a dragged out "welllllll..." and a smile. And if my mom is with me, she does this predictable eye roll and head-shaking maneuver as if to say "My daughter is torturing me; don't you agree!" Jimmy and I have decided not to share the name of our little one until she gets here. SURPRISE! This decision was partly out of necessity- we haven't been able to decide or agree on a name- and partly out of the sheer fun of making our parents and family suffer in anticipation! We haven't even shared our brainstorming ideas- Aren't we cruel!?!?!

Now that Jimmy and I have pretty much decided on her name, I have decided to post the following article. I found this months ago on the Internet and could identify COMPLETELY with this woman's explanation of choosing baby names in the south. Here's a perfect example: the first place I looked for baby names was my family tree, followed by a trip to the family cemetery. (no joke). It's kind of long, but enjoy the read...

Any true southerner has trouble understanding why Yankees get such a laugh out of some Southern baby names. People not in the loop think double or even triple names are slapped together for no other reason than locally pleasing meter or syntax. It may be unreasonable of me, but the idea of anybody poking fun at a tradition they don't understand just makes me mad. Southerners choose their babies' names for excellent reasons. Never mind that the names that they select are most likely different than those on the list of most popular baby names for any given year!

Southern moms don't just flip through the latest books and pick names because they are cute or trendy. These ladies go through more pains in naming their kids than they did in giving birth to them! That statement may be taking it a bit too far, but folks in the south do literally agonize over what to name their baby. This is because choosing southern baby names involves much more than reading the few words in some generic baby book that lists the copycat definitions of various baby names. Definitions are all fine and good, they have worked for the people who publish Webster's Dictionary for years! But when you start talking about naming southern boys and girls you're looking at meanings of names within families, not what they might mean to a person who speaks Latin or Hebrew!

Don't be mistaken to think that only the names of a southern child's parents or even grandparents are passed forward. There may have been a brave great great uncle who fought bravely in the war and deemed worthy of remembrance...

As we all know southerners are famous for double names. Some are forced to resort to triple names so that their little Mary or Michael stands apart from the rest. Why this is a tradition credited to the south I'm not really sure. I would like to think that southerners have so many famous kin that they want to claim. This fact makes it necessary to give each child several names so that each illustrious departed family member is sufficiently honored.

I can't count the many theories where credit can be given for the reasoning of traditional southern baby naming patterns and the traditions behind them. There seems to be no definitive answer on why family names and history appear to be more important to new parents below the Mason Dixon Line than in other parts of the nation. There is however, no argument that the results are some of the most elegant and romantic names you will find printed on a birth certificate anywhere. The next time you feel tempted to giggle at a child named Billy Bob consider that the first person that bore the same name may not have perished defending a southern belle's honor but that he may have died defending our freedom and our country.

Article by: Jan Bay

Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating 5 Years Together!

Jimmy and I celebrated 5 years together this past weekend! We were married July 17, 2004. We always dreamed of doing something extravagant for our 5 year anniversary (or maybe we just used that as an excuse to plan a big deer hunt in Texas... either way). But life happened and here we are, five years later with no anniversary savings account and a Texas trip is out of reach. A weekend getaway would have to do...

And it did! We spent the weekend simply enjoying each other, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And isn't that what its all about? We took a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale and stayed in a beach-front apartment.

The view from our room... I would call this ocean-front property. Wouldn't you?! Not bad for a $50/night travelocity deal!

Enjoying the beach and warm ocean water together on Friday evening. This time together meant so much to me. Jimmy is not a big fan of ocean swimming and is not usually easily coaxed into the water. He says that pirates prefer to be on the water, not in it. I appreciated that he braved the trecherous waters of the east coast shoreline for me. So sweet!

The sun-bathing beauty... both of us :)

Jimmy insisted on taking a shot of the view from our dinner table. Romantic, isn't it? We ate at a restaurant on the fishing pier. Mahi, shrimp, crab cakes, scallops, calamari- Yummo!

The highlight of our trip was visiting the International Game Fish Association museum, where all the world record fish mounts are displayed. In the pics above, Jimmy is standing in front of the world record Black Marlin, which weighed over 1500 lbs!!! The pics of us "fishing" are from the simulator at the museum. There were 5 fishing simulators allowing you to experience the fight of a big fish- very cool! We were like a couple of kids in there!
After visiting the museum, we ate at the Islamorada Fish Company and toured with desire our favorite store- Bass Pro.
Before coming home we enjoyed Tranformers II at the IMAX theatre (clang, clang, clash... but other than the extremely loud sound of metal crashing... a great cinema experience!) Overall, it was a fun and relaxing get-away, and I wouldn't have rather spent it with any other person in the world :-)
In honor of marriage and my wonderful husband: my newest playlist addition- "our song". When this song first came out, years ago, Jimmy and I could hardly pull ourselves away from each other, dreading the goodbyes of a long distance relationship. "If only we had one more day with each other"... as you can see, this song said it perfectly! Well, its been five years, and though I'm sure we haven't consistently wished for more days with each other (probably even wished for a few apart ;) the underlying message is undoubtedly true.
I love you, Honey! (He reads my blog too!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I figured it was time for a blog update on the happenings of the Hurst family... I have picked up a few more classes with the University of Phoenix to earn a little extra money before the baby gets here. This is my first busy work week, so this will be short and sweet....

Jimmy playing his new favorite game- corn hole. 4th of July cookout at Joe and Deana's. I caught Jimmy google searching Gator branding irons last night... I think he's got an itching to make his own corn hole boards. Oh brother...

Angie's baby shower was this past weekend. She got so many cute things for her baby girl who will be here July 30th!!!

Angie with the hostesses with the mostestes (??)

Mike Fisher came over on Saturday to help Jimmy get started on the porch remodeling project. They got 7 of the 8 windows was broken and has to be returned. Grrrr... Jimmy is going to install the door tomorrow. Things are coming along!

And last, but not least, the growing belly. "Objects in picture may appear larger than they really are." I don't think my belly is really this big... must be the camera. Or maybe I'm a bit sway back, compensating for the extra weight.
Jimmy and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this weekend. Not sure what we are going to do yet, but hopefully something fun...and sweet...and memorable...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Craigslist Find!

I've been scouring Craigslist lately for great deals on different things we need for the nursery. My first purchase was the BOB Revolution Stroller...THE mac-daddy of all jogging strollers. Retails for over $400... I found a nearly brand new one on Craigslist for $200. My one splurge. No will certainly get used as much as I am on the go!

My most recent find was an amish-made rocking chair/glider from this incredibly sweet family in Lakeland. I've been bracing myself for the over $150 price tag of a (half-way) decent glider from WalMart, so I feel like I've found a treasure for a mere $75. Belinda and I picked it up today. Isn't it just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?? I look forward to cuddling, snuggling, and rocking some nights (and early mornings) away!

Jimmy and I were just talking about how expensive all of these baby "things" are- or can be! I don't see how parents buy new without breaking the bank. We are committed to getting everything our child needs debt free. I've been given so much already from others, including a crib, dresser, toys, pack and play, carseat, clothes, and am soooooo thankful! Bring it on! I'm all about recycling!