Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

... if not, she'll play anyway! Jimmy and I were doing some office work the other day and left the back door open to enjoy the cool rainy breeze. Plus, Grace Louise seemed to enjoy watching the rain fall. Next thing we knew she was braving the elements and having a blast playing in the water! I brought out a raincoat and water shoes... Go for it Sister!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Backyard Fun!

Wow! Is my baby really old enough to play in the sprinkler? Apparently so!

She loves to wear undergarments and bathing suits on her head. Go figure!
It must bring out the inner-artist, as she prepares to draw a masterpiece on her easel. Or anything she can scribble on before getting caught!

Play time with Joanna Fisher!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Fishing Trip of the Year!

First fishing trip of the year... and a much needed break! Jimmy and I, along with our lovely friends Erika and Jeremy, headed over to Pine Island last weekend for some fun and sun. As I mentioned a few posts back, the week prior was an emotionally heavy one, as someone dear to us lost a baby at birth. As hard as it was to leave Grace Louise for the weekend, a break was definitely in order. The skies were amazingly clear and blue, the air was crisp, and the sun was warm :-) We caught a fair amount of fish, rocked out some Kenny Chesney music on the water, and ate a cheeseburger in paradise (Cabbage Key) before becoming landlubbers again. It was a great trip! I thank God for the opportunity to enjoy His creation, giving Him glory for all things!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Swim and Slide!

Ya know... I'm really liking the colorful, plastic backyard decor. Seeing my daughter enjoying her play area brings me much more joy than expensive landscaping ever would. So, bring on the swings, slides, cars, pools, shovels, and bubbles- watch out for the land-mines (doggie presents), and let the landscaping begin!

Grace Louise enjoying her new jungle gym/slide/swing in the backyard.

Aunt JuJu and Uncle Ed

Well, I'm back to the dashboard after a couple of heavy and busy weeks, eager to try out my new computer in the blogging world! I have paid my dues, using the same laptop (pc, nonetheless) since 2002 and the same desktop since only a couple of years after that. (I am driving the same car from high school, by the way. Dave Ramsey all the way...)

I've entered the mac world... the dark side, as many call it. I'm amazed at how efficient this machine is and look forward to all the fun and creative things I can do with it (besides work, of course!)

My great (as in wonderful and two generations older) aunt and uncle came down from New Hampshire for a visit two weeks ago. Aunt JuJu (as Grace Louise says) and Uncle Ed joined the family for dinner at the Italian restaurant in town Friday night and then Bok Tower with Grace Louise and me on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the azaleas were stunning! The heaviest bloom, the gardner said, in years! We toured Pinewood, enjoyed lunch at the cafe, and pushed this little munchkin around on her bike, which I highly recommend over the stroller for an outing like this!