Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Campers!

Our family obtained hunting/camping rights on the Avon Park Bombing Range this year and somehow lucked out with access to a pop-up camper. (Thank you, Pops!) We headed over for our first camping trip this weekend. 

The learning curve of camping is a tough one. We forgot as many items as we remembered, including salt and pepper, and survived scrambled eggs with a scant one pack of salt per person salvaged from take-out utensil packages! Now that's roughin' it! 

We now have a list of all the important things for stocking the camper. Notes of things that would make life (and sleep) a lot easier in the woods. 

We really only had one full day and night of camping, but it was full and joyous and with all the 'should haves' it was an adventure too! You bet we are thankful for the respite and looking forward to our next trip!

Loading up the car, hooking up the camper, full of anticipation and excitement! We're going camping!!!

We picked a cozy spot in an oak hammock right by the creek. Home sweet home. 

Riding during the day, scouting with daddy and Mr. Jeremy, riding in the front seat = always special, wearing her blaze orange, silly faces in the mirror, wind in her hair.

We tried to have low expectations for the kids and sleeping. Without their bed/crib, how could we get these two to sleep at all?! The first night we all managed to sleep ("sleep") on one king size bed, with Grace Louise as the foot. Think puzzle. Human sleeping puzzle. Grace Louise didn't nap during the day, but as you can see Jamesy took the Zzzz's as they came. On a nice afternoon ride in the woods. Love this boy!

It's bananas and roasted apple chicken sausages for breakfast! We worked up quite the appetite building a fire and playing in the sand Saturday morning.

Our campsite was at the edge of the creek embankment and one entire part of the creek bed was dry. Our very own sandbox! The kids loved this! Grace Louise making "snow" angels and Jamesy laying on his belly moving the sand around with his hands! There was so much to explore around the creek and around the rest of the campground.

When I was packing up on Saturday evening, Jamesy kept taking things out of the cabinets and crawling in! Until next time... beware of stowaways! (Really cute ones!)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boktoberfest- Take 3

If not for proof in pictures (and Jamesy's birth certificate), I would not believe a year has passed since I loaded up these two rascals and went to Boktoberfest. Christening our green double stroller, thinking/knowing I was crazy, and making first memories with my TWO children. Seriously, as I was buckling him in the stroller on Saturday morning, I felt I had just done that... like yesterday. Like so little time had passed. He doesn't seem all that different to me. Still such a baby. And I love that! 

Now go back in time with me...
Last year at Boktberfest
Three Years Ago at Boktoberfest

Isn't that fun?!?! Scary, but fun!

This year was a bit different since Jamesy was able to get out and walk some. He loved the petting zoo and making our own scarecrow! (Our scarecrow was with child, of course). Grace Louise did this really cool spice art project, painted a pumpkin, pet a snake, learned all about simple machine water pumps at the HEART exhibit, and was enthralled with the clown show, something she remembered from last year. We had another blast and were home in time to watch the Gators with daddy.

Jamesy's First Steps

Somehow I failed to blog one of the greater milestones on time... Jamesy learning to walk! He took his first series of steps on September 30th, at 13 months old. (I know... almost a month ago!) He's already gaining speed, folks! And is navigating steps and treacherous terrain like a pro. Well, sort of.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Opening Dove

I don't doubt that our children will file right behind a long line of hunters in our family, continuing to enjoy the outdoors and harvest game. Grace Louise enjoyed her first hog hunt sitting in a stand with daddy back in the spring. This week we took her on her first dove hunt! We are so blessed to have a daddy and husband who wants his family to very much so be a part of the hobbies he loves.

Though the birds were slim, we had a really fun evening spending a little QT with each other and enjoying the beauty (and bounty) of God's creation.

Two of my favorites.


This patience lasted a short while, though she was never burdensome or complaining. Shot gun shells, birds, and learning the parts of the gun soon captured her attention.

Bird dogs.

By far her favorite part of our hunt. Avian exploration.

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

More Fun Beach Pics

Monday, October 7, 2013

Beach Trip Preview

My mom and I took the kids on an impromptu beach trip last Thursday, and these cute pics should be some indication of the fun we had! 

I love this series of pictures, especially, because, heck, you can't stage fun. This is real life, happy children, beach memories, sibling love, imagination and giggles all wrapped up in a few shutter clicks. 

Can't wait to post more of our fun day!