Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The no good very bad cold

Grace Louise caught a cold virus a few days before my dad came to stay with us. She generously shared it with everyone in the house, including me. Surely our immune systems were taxed from recent stress, but this was the hardest hitting virus short of the flu I've ever experienced.

Unfortunately the baby started getting chest congestion too, followed by a stuffy nose, lethargy, and suddenly, a red and swollen eye. After fighting the cold for days with plenty of mama's milk, saline nose drops, and essential oils, I finally took him to the pediatrician. His eye was completely swollen shut when he woke up that Monday morning! Turns out he had double ear infections (his first), a sinus infection, and periorbital cellulitis, a bacterial infection in the soft tissue around the eye. 

Brace yourself for this tear-jerker...

He was pitiful, but turned around in a few short days. 

 It's always hard to have sick babies. Thank the Lord I rarely do! 

We rested as much as we could. Minimal housework. Lots of movies. A few firsts- Sound of Music, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Neverending Story. Everyone seemed to be bouncing back but me. A lingering sinus infection. I could whine for days about how bad this sinus infection was, but suffice it to say that it was my first and hopefully my last! The sheer amount of mucus could take over a small country. Not to mention the unyielding pressure headaches, fever, aches and pains.

After a week I was an MD (per Google) and was beginning to really tire of the remedies. Nothing seemed to be working, as the fever and leg pain kept returning... and the mucus, heck it never left. Finally, I started taking super doses of probiotics (ProBio 5 from Plexus) and pouring the contents of the capsules into my neti pot. I also started holding the saline/probiotic solution in my nasal cavity for 30 seconds several times a day (by putting my head upside down in the shower... no, seriously). Had this not worked I was antibiotic bound last Monday. Thankfully, I woke that morning with some relief and have drastically improved since (though, I'm telling you, this thing wants to hang on if only by a thread). If you suffer from sinus infections, take note! I tried every remedy under the sun- essential oils, alkaline foods, OTC meds, etc. Probiotics and nasal rinse was the ticket!

Glory to God who heals through many means! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Beyond myself

Two weeks after the stroke, dad came to stay with us after leaving the hospital. He's doing amazing, struggling only with some minor speech aphasia. A you-would-never-guess stroke victim. He went to my brother's after spending a week here. Hoping to enter a long term treatment center in the next week. The road ahead is still not completely clear, and loose ends would like to drive me to worry if I let it.

The week of caring for my dad and all throughout this season of trial, I've stumbled upon (crashed into?) lesson after lesson... Keep your spiritual eyes open in the fire; there's something to learn here. Serve God, not others. Do everything as unto the Lord. Bring each day before Him; each day has enough worry of its own. Honoring our parents can be messy and complicated in a broken world, yet ask God how to honor and honor still. God's ways are higher than ours.period. Dialogue with God continually, even about... especially about the things we are struggling with. When you're crushed under the weight of it all and yet another blow comes, realize that you cannot handle it all, you are beyond yourself and completely weak. Then lift up your eyes, beloved, and see, your help comes from the Lord! Take heart, His strength is perfect in weakness. And he rescues again and again and again. 

The one who loves us gives us an overwhelming victory in all these difficulties. -Romans 8:37

A special Mother's Day ride

No big plans for Mother's Day this year, but I knew I wanted to steal away a little time during the weekend to ride. I didn't plan on sharing the saddle, but it turned out that having the sweet girl who christened me into the great calling of motherhood was a fine partner! This was our first time trail riding together away from the barn. We cruised down some orange grove middles, down a pasture fence line, and into a grassy clearing. I felt a little like Phil Robertson with Grace Louise's incessant chattering. I think she talked the entire time! So much to see and ask about, mom! 

She asked if we were headed to Isreal. After all, the pasture looked like the garden Jesus died in (she meant prayed in). She had much to say about the bones scattered about in one area. She wanted to know about every plant and tree and bird. She made plans to bring a trash bag and pick up litter next time we ride. It was okay if with her if Honey wanted to trot; she could handle it! 

And this is what I love about my girl.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

9 months just sweet

Oh, so much has been happening here! God is shaping and changing our family through fierce trial. So much to write, but I think I’ll quietly step back into this life-sharing medium with a little normalcy... our growing boy. (Plus, if I tried to catch up in one post, you would not want to read it all. I promise.) Nine months old today, and all his sister can think about is cake! 

Last month I proudly announced Jamesy’s accomplishments, including crawling and three teeth. Now would you believe me if I told you he has since added four more?! (Actually, I thought he had 8 teeth for about a week and then realized that I must have counted one twice!) Nevertheless, he’s working on a mouthful and is using them well! Looks as if they will be large and beautiful just like his sister’s! 

Jamesy is crawling quicker than ever; I’m waiting for him to decide this mode of transportation is just not quick enough. He’s pulling up to standing every chance he gets and considers cruising. I see walking before a year. We’ll see.

This little boy blesses my heart so much! Most anyone can tell you what a lover he is, snuggling in and laying his head on a warm shoulder. His emerging personality strikes me as fun, coy, and gentle. 

says dada the most. looks for sissy. expects Thomas the Train in the car dvd player. loud talker. big talker. splasher. (even in the dog water). loves to play with the cash register in sissy’s kitchen. understands 'no no'. jumps and bounces especially when we sing. waves and says bye bye. already sneaking Millie food under the table. smh.

 definitely inherited the scrunchy nose smile.