Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goodbye for now

I've spent the last couple of days tying up a few loose ends on my blog... finishing some pending posts that I never published- our camping trip with Pops, a special trip to Busch Gardens, news on Grace Louise's reading journey, and of course, Christmas.

And now I'm hanging up my keyboard for 2014, a difficult but wise decision. Relatively speaking, I don't spend a ton of time on here, but it is an investment- taking and editing pictures, uploading, writing... and simply put, I must invest that time elsewhere this year. Same to be said of Facebook. I'm taking back that time and energy too.

I've journaled on this blog for six years (wow) and even considering the years of transition when my children were born, I anticipate 2014 to be one that needs my greatest attention. I plan to take a more active role in Jimmy's business as we implement a new software program this year. I am eager to  prioritize the daily needs of my husband and in doing so be his most suitable helper as God intended. Our new church building opens for services in February and we are committed to the work God is doing through Awaken Church. We are also anticipating a move in less than 30 days, trusting in the Lord to provide a new home for us! If the past month is any indication of what's ahead, this is sure to be an adventure, and I best be on my game!

Time is honestly only one factor. Excessive amounts of social media prevents me from living in the now. I set ridiculous expectations for myself and endure needless pressure, threatening to steal the very joy I love to write about or capture in a photograph. I've also discovered that I care far too much of what people think of me, and starving the flesh seems to be in order. I'm cutting off the proverbial hand that causes me to stumble, gouging out the eye.

Somehow my children will keep on growing, saying and doing cute things that I'm very proud of, God will keep teaching me things, my family will take fun adventures and reach milestones. Surely all of this continues without documentation?! We shall see... I can't speak to the future, but who knows, maybe I will blog again after this year. In the meantime I will enjoy keeping up with the musings of my friends and utilize instagram to share pictures (emilyhurst3).

Goodbye for now! *tear