Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's a She!

Our little one greeted us so nicely this morning (after a tall cup of coffee)...she even waved! See those five fingers?? I love when she turns her head towards the US doppler, as if she's looking right at us (even though she looks like an alien)!

And the proof is in the pudding! Our ultrasound tech was pretty sure of it this time...she's a she! Little Hurst still wouldn't spread eagle for us, but she was a bit more cooperative, letting us sneak a peak a few times. Three clear lines is what we were looking for! Now... on to the name game and pretty pink things...

Monday, May 18, 2009

A stubborn baby!

Well, our sonogram appointment today didn't go exactly how we planned, but nevertheless, we have a growing, healthy baby!!! That is the good news! We also, however, have a very stubborn baby who wouldn't open her (?) legs for anything! At one point she (?) even covered her private parts with her (?) hands!!! I keep using 'her' and 'she' because the ultrasound tech was pretty certain she was a she...but not as certain as usual. She wants us to come back next Tuesday for a confirmation. So no buying pink anything until we find out for sure.

Other than not finding out the sex (for sure) we had the best time watching our little one move around, make funny movements and funny faces, and were glad to learn that she (?) is growing on schedule (or maybe 4 days ahead, even)- a whopping 9 ounces! Here is a pic of our baby...isn't she (?) beautiful??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I was surprised at all the special treatment I received on Mother's Day! I love this holiday!!! Jimmy surprised me Sunday morning with a beautiful ring of the baby's birthstone- Opal (October- hopefully he/she isn't born in November!) Jimmy and I hosted Mother's Day dinner at our house, since this will be the last year that I'm not a busy mom. All the other mothers in my family are completely deserving of being pampered on this special day :) We decided to switch things up a bit from our usual southern cuisine and dined on cuban roasted pork, black beans and rice, salad, yummy garlic bread, and flan for desert. It was a delicious meal!!! I put together a few pics of everyone hanging out...and, of course, Lance and Toni Boy wrestling in the living room.
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A Day at the Beach

My cousin, Danna, and I took her little boy, Quinten, to the beach last Friday for the day. The water temp was perfect for swimming and we enjoyed the Gulf breeze and warm sunshine! It was a perfect day :) I took a ton of pics of Quinten playing in the sand and bobbing around in the ocean. I'm practicing my photography skills for when our little one comes along :)
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What you've all been waiting for...

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Desperate Mom Acts

I just committed two of the most common desperate mom acts...with my dogs. Jimmy is coaching a ball game tonight, so I'm here by myself with "the girls" (Jada and Millie, our dogs). For the third day in a row we have forgot to buy dog food. (Can I get an amen, anyone?). I can only imagine how this situation is going to get worse when we add an infant to the picture. Anyway, for the third night in a row I've had to get creative with a dog food substitution. That is Desperate Mom Act #1: forgot to thaw something out for dinner and no groceries, so throw together some 1/2 way nutritious food for your kid. I was making grits, eggs, and bacon for myself so I decided to cook a few extra pieces of bacon for the dogs. (That's even better than dog food, right?). But no mom can give her child a candy bar for dinner and feel good about herself (candy bar is to kid as bacon is to dog), so I decided to raid the frig for a few items to balance the meal. In the end, we had two bowls of leftover chicken salad (complete with nuts and fruit), doggie treats, and bacon. I put the food down for the hungry savages and watched as they both picked the savory bacon pieces off the top. No surprise. After they both looked up at me simultaneously with their hungry, puppy dog eyes and then back down at their bowls (as if to say, "you can't be serious, lady") I had an ingenious idea. Pour the bacon grease over the chicken salad and dog treats. Desperate Mom Act #2: disguise food that your children will not eat by covering it with some kind of delicious sauce (i.e. Hershey's or ketchup).

So for all you moms out there...am I on the right track? Should I seek immediate help or embrace the desperate mom survival instincts?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Head colds and butterflies

I just conquered the 16th week of pregnancy and I can hardly believe it! I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it seems like it is going by so fast. Okay, now that I said, it...not really. It's taking FOREVER!!! (depends on the day, I guess). I am so ready to find out if our little bambino is in fact a bambino or maybe a bambina. Jimmy and I found out at our last visit to the midwife that we will get an ultrasound early- at 18 weeks. They only do one ultrasound at the birthing center, usually at 20 weeks, but our midwife thinks she can get a more accurate gestational age a few weeks earlier. Sounds good to me :)

Aside from the milestones that I've already mentioned in previous posts, the only addition that I have is that Baby H has grown a few tenths of a centimeter and has fully formed fingernails...the better to scratch you with, my dear! I recently read in one of the "week by week" pregnancy calanders that quote, "you shouldn't be surprised if you have a cold during your 15th week of pregnancy." Are these people psychic or what???... I ponder as I take another shot of nasal spray. During Week 15 I had one of the worst colds ever and I'm still getting over it. Apparently, my body is producing mega-mucus and colds are common during this time of the pregnancy. Good to know.

People keep asking me if I've felt any "butterflies" or other indication that the baby is moving around in there. Nothing that I'm sure of yet, but I've had two quivers that have me suspicious. In the coming week or so movement should become more frequent and I'll get that feeling figured out. Speaking of movement, I got the ultimate moving machine yesterday (and for a steal of a price)- a BOB stroller. I know its a little early for all of that, but I found one on Craigslist and couldn't resist. This stroller is truly amazing! It reminds me of one of those zero turn lawnmowers (except it doesn't have blades- thank God!). I was so excited when I got it home, I was tempted to push it around the neighborhood with a sack of flour wrapped up in a blanket! (I even thought...can I fit one of my dogs in here?) I resisted the urge, folded up the strolling masterpiece, and look forward to using it when the baby arrives :)

In the coming week, Baby H will begin to exhale amnoitic fluid and his/her circulatory and urinary systems will be working in all their glory! Hair (hopefully blonde) will begin to fill in on his/her little head, eyebrows, and lashes. I will give everyone an update after the ultrasound in week 18. Until then...

Friday, May 1, 2009

"One day at a time"

I've been disguising my Thankful Thursday posts lately, but, readers, be assured, I am thankful for soooo many things ;) I realized recently that I have never blogged about a very important part of my life (which I'm extremely thankful for ;) and decided it was about time to share. Plus, last night on Grey's Anatomy (my fav show) Meredith's estranged, alcoholic father came to the hospital to make amends with his daughters- the 9th step in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous: make direct amends to those you have harmed... That was my cue.

Since January of 2007, I have been attending Al Anon meetings. Al Anon is a support group for people who are affected by the alcoholism of a family member or loved one. Most people would say, "well I'm not the one with the problem, why should I be going to a meeting??" People who live with an alcoholic or have a family member who suffers from alcoholism often become sick themselves. Sick in not so obvious ways. Before Al Anon I allowed my dad's drinking to rob much of my peace and serenity in life; I didn't know how to detach with love so I found myself either resenting and ignoring my father or enabling him to continue his self-destructive behavior; and I, myself, had a slew of character defects, some of which resulted from dealing with (or not dealing with) the negative feelings associated with my dad's disease. Through Al Anon I have learned to have more compassion for my dad, to look inward and take responsibility for my own emotional health, and to live in peace despite whether or not my dad is drinking. I am thankful for this group of people, (despite how crazy this gathering sounds to outsiders), and am thankful that through their love and support I am encouraged to take things "One day at a time" and to "Live and let live".