Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sea World

Though I despise many effects of our tourism industry, (urban sprawl, habitat destruction, traffic, Yankees...) I LOVE taking Grace Louise to theme parks!!! Florida provides no shortage of theme park adventures and I have a mind to visit them all! We've been to Animal Kingdom, Lowry Park, and now Sea World. We went this last week, which was BeBe and Triston's Spring Break, so the park was crowded... but totally worth it!

Like most toddlers, Grace Louise loves animals, so everything was a site to see! Here she is, excited with BeBe, getting ready to enter the stingray aquarium.

And now petting stingrays! They have a similar exhibit at Lowry Park Zoo, and she actually touched the rays. This time she kept her hand in the water, but was not brave enough to touch them. Still loved it, though!

Dolphin watching... I was the only one lucky enough to touch one... maybe we'll pay extra to feed them next time.

Of course, we couldn't come to Sea World without watching a Shamu show! We got awesome seats just outside of the "Soak Zone" and enjoyed a snack while waiting for the show to start. I thought it was a fantastic show, and didn't even miss the fact that the trainers no longer get in the water with the whales. The animals are simply genius. Much more impressed as an adult than when I was as a kid! Grace Louise loved the show too, and clapped (up high), but was ready to go before the show was over...

Looking forward to trying some new shows next time!

Taking a break in the Shamu Happy Harbor. We brought swim clothes, but unfortunately there wasn't much for toddlers to do in this area, especially water activities, like I'd hoped. Oh well, it's amazing how much fun 2 year olds can have with a few sprinklers!

Riding the Sea Creatures Carousel. Our only ride of the day...

Feeding seals! These animals were loud and ready to perform for fish!

Lovin each sweet memory with my baby girl and our family :-)

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