Friday, October 30, 2009

Still waiting...

Jimmy and I ran into a woman on the elevator at Watson Clinic who (like everyone else I see) asked when I was due. I'm really enjoying the reaction I get from folks when I say "two weeks ago"! It's hilarious! Anyway, this woman was very positive and commended me on my obvious patience. (Reach arm up, bend at elbow, pat back...)

Seriously though, I don't want to be patient. I want to be holding my baby in my arms! I should have known when I "just had a feeling" that I would go into labor early... that was the devil! God has way too much fun teaching me patience through waiting! I had to wait to get pregnant with this baby and now I'm having to wait to finally meet her! It's hard to believe that 5+ weeks ago I was asking our church small group to pray that I would carry to 37 weeks so that I didn't have to deliver in the hospital! Ha! That was probably when all the heavenly laughter began...

Okay, so now for an update- what you've all been waiting for. The week of my due date I had all kinds of action, indicating that labor was imminent. I had contractions all weekend, BOYS COVER YOUR EARS- lost part of my mucus plug, and was mentally psyched that I was going to have this baby soon. I even told my mother in law, "I'm going to have this baby in the next two days. I just know." Open mouth, insert foot!

Since then, things have been pretty quiet. I stayed busy all last week, continuing to teach on the internet, going for walks, spending time with friends and family, window shopping, reading...expecting labor to get started at any minute, but not necessarily waiting around on it. That was last week... it came, and then it was gone. So, here we are- the next Friday. I definitely didn't think I would have another week pass by and still be pregnant! This week I've had more intense crampy-like contractions and some other signs that labor is close. I went in for a check-up on Tuesday. 1cm and 80% effaced. My midwife and I talked about natural induction methods, but I've been pretty leery of most of them; I'm eager, but still wanting everything to just start on its own. I went for a massage/acupressure on Wednesday, followed by a lengthy walk around Publix. That kick-started some good contractions, but they tapered off by about 7 or so that evening.

I went in today for a visit with the high risk specialist at Watson Clinic. He sees Labor of Love mamas once they are post due date- just as a precaution. He hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor for a bit, checked my amniotic fluid levels, measured baby, and checked my cervix (2cm now!). Everything checked out great, but he wants to see me back on Monday afternoon if labor still hasn't started. I would have never wished my baby to be born on Halloween, but at this point, I DON'T CARE! (We need something better to celebrate on that day anyway)! I'm going to try to relax this weekend, hoping that labor comes on its own. If labor hasn't started by Monday morning, I'll be meeting my midwife at the birthing center to try a few natural methods of induction.

In the meantime, I'm staking my claim as a very experienced pregnant woman. After all this time gestating, surely I'm considered a professional at this! (Hopefully, though, I won't be setting a world record). And in the spirit of trying to stay positive, here are a few things that I have been able to enjoy since the passing of my due date...
  • lots of movie and dinner date nights with my hubby ("come on, this could be our last chance for a while!")
  • good pasta dinners (never know which meal will be your pre-labor energy booster)
  • Pioneer Days at Lake Wales
  • read two novels
  • watched 3 Gator football games- uninterrupted
  • got a massage

...patiently waiting.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Due Dates are Overrated!

Who needs due dates anyway? Rules were made to be broken, right? Well, I must admit, I sincerely prayed that I would have this baby by the 15th (didn't want to be one of those two-weeks past-due pregnant ladies walking around with "just shoot me" written all over my face). Nevertheless, I included "not my will but yours be done" at the end of my prayer. We have been studying the topic of prayer in our church small group and have been reminded of the way Jesus taught us to pray. We should make our requests known to God, petition Him for the desires of our hearts, but most importantly, allow the peace of God to guard our hearts and minds as we submit to His will for our lives.

So, dang it... I didn't have her by the 15th, but I appear to be close! And with each day that passes, I know that I'm one day closer to actually meeting her! I had braxton hicks (which I so thought were the real deal) Friday and Saturday nights. I had some other indications last weekend that labor was close, but nothing else transpired until the wee hours of the morning. I woke up this morning at about 4:30 with some serious back pain. Every time I would have a contraction, the pain would be horrible in my back! Definitely woke me up from a dead sleep! I got up out of the bed and did some pelvic exercises to ease the pain. Then went back to sleep around 6 this morning. Dull back pain all day, but notta in terms of real labor.

At my check up today, my midwife said everything (blood pressure, baby's heart rate, position, etc) was great and on track for a delivery soon! Yay! Could start any minute :-) I'll keep everyone posted!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Showers!!!

After much harassment from my facebook friends... here are baby shower pics- finally!

Shower #2:
September 26th, First Baptist Church Smith Building
Shower #2 hostesses- Amanda, Aunt Cindy, Missy, Lucy, Nancy, Vicki.
They did a WONDERFUL job!
(I'm the pregnant lady in the middle).

High school lunch table.

The non-pregnant people at the shower- or those without babies.

The pregnant ladies. Geeze Michelle, you look like you're about to POP ;)

Babies galore! We just couldn't get over all the babies at this shower... and mostly baby girls!
Is that not incredible?!

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from Belinda's homeroom volunteer- so sweet :)

Lots of cute clothes and other gifts for Baby Girl! The hostesses bought us the cloth diapers and diaper bag hanging in the background of this pic.

Shower #1:
September 12th, Donna Respress' Home
I regret not getting a picture with the hostesses of this shower, but they did an awesome job! Everything was beautiful and pink!
Melanie, Miss Donna, Cathy, Mom

Baby Girl's first bikini!

I love wearing flowers and feeling special :)

Look at all that yummy food!

I can't believe we didn't get any pics at the last shower, but we must have just been too busy having fun! Our friends Angie and Wes put together a couples cookout / wipes shower for us a few weekends ago. We had a blast hanging out with friends, enjoyed a great wild game dinner, and brought home a stock-pile of baby wipes to boot!

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who helped with my showers and for those who showed up to "shower" us with love and much-needed goodies for our little one :-) Now that we're only a few days away (hopefully) from meeting our precious girl, it feels so wonderful to walk into her nursery knowing that we have everything we need and more!
No doubt, we have been doubly blessed!