Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mama Deer, Daddy Deer, Baby Dear

Hunting together is something Jimmy and I have enjoyed even before we were married. Growing up with three older brothers I experienced my share of shooting guns and animal harvesting, but never experienced the true hunt until Jimmy. (Not implying here that I "hunted" Jimmy. Actually he hunted me, but that's another post altogether...). Through the years I've learned how to hunt and dress an animal, the importance of regulation hunting in wildlife conservation efforts, and that no matter what, my husband will always make the biggest and "badest" kill, no matter what we're hunting (as you will soon see in the pictures).

In Florida, does (doe a deer a female deer) are only allowed to be taken by rifle one week out of the year. This allows for families like ours to stock up our freezer with good quality, lean meat. Doe harvesting also plays a key role in managing deer herds. I'm glad I could help out!

Jimmy took this nice 8 point buck about a week after I shot the doe. Again, he always ends up with the biggest and the badest! In all seriousness, though, he deserves it! He puts in the time required to stalk a buck like this, does his research, and lets many younger bucks walk in the name of quality deer herd management.

I couldn't resist these pictures of our "baby dear" playing with empty shotgun shells! Organizing, stacking, or counting, she finds these little red treasures more fun than any playschool toy!

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