Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pine Island Vacation Pics

Brace yourself. There are many. But it's so hard to choose with babies this cute!

 There were swings and hammocks underneath the house, along with great beach sand for playing. Really a perfect place for families with kids.

 The vacation house was on Charlotte Harbor, so our beach was more like a lake-beach, but still so wonderful for splashing, kayaking, fishing, building sandcastles. And simply gorgeous views!

 So nice having our own pool to hop in during a hot afternoon or for a late night dip.

 Jamesy started standing on his own during our trip. Growing up.

Seriously? Who taught him this?

 Check out this little girl. Same place. Three years ago. Sigh.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Brought to you courtesy of real life.

I was getting ready to upload more pics from our vacation, and I just could not get over these. I have been in stitches thinking of all the chaos that goes into getting a kid (or two) to look and smile at a camera. It's really quite funny! 

 I'm smiling, but look, mom, Jamesy's got his tongue out.

 See? Oh, he stuck it back in.

 That reminds me, I think I'll stick mine out too. Up here by my nose.

 Speaking of nose. Hold on mom. I have to take care of this.

 Almost got it. 

 Okay. There. Now that Jamesy has quite the frown, his shirt is revealing his midriff, and the sun has taken all your good lighting behind the clouds, I'll paste on this fake smile. Ready. Cheeeeese!!!!

This is the stuff life is made of, folks. Isn't it great? One more...

 Jamesy! Look at mama!
Oh, hi mom. Can't smile right now. Have a dead bait fish in my mouth.

 Ok. That's better. What was that? Oh, you wanted to take my picture?

Mmmm. More stinky water. I think I'll put my face in it.

Now that I'm over here, please mom, for the love of all things good in this world, take this yoke of oppression from around my neck. I can't move with this thing on.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Vaca Week in Instagram

backing daddy's boat in. #mamashelper

by himself, oh yeah. #startemyoung

time with my favorite girl. #morningyoga

first ride in pops' boat. #sweetness

always wanting to ride with her bebe. #seeyamom!

driving the boat. #couldhegetanycuter

just a swinging. #builtinplayground

weeeee. #smiles

heading out for a day on the water. #buckledupforsafety

hard.core. #babywearing/fishing

can you tell he was my right hand man on this trip? #lovestoride

bait fish. #greatentertainment

Fish surgery with pliers. #poorfish #Dr.GL

look mom, jelly fish. #obsessed

sucking ice. #keep'emhappy