Sunday, April 28, 2013

the latest.

Dad was discharged from the hospital today and will be spending the next week with us. He doesn't  need much physical help, but the doctor advised that he have supervision for at least a week. It is truly remarkable to think he had a stroke just over a week ago and is walking and talking so well! He even cleaned up after lunch today and took a short walk! The speech aphasia is improving, though word retrieval is still a struggle. (I have an app for that. No really, I do! Without insurance, speech therapy will be offered this week from yours truly).

As dear friends and family have encouraged me, I am putting each day before the Lord and resisting worry. I don't know what lays beyond this week, but the One who is sovereign over all surely does! Be still, Emily. Be still and know that He is God!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An update on dad

I figured this might be the easiest way, without sending a million emails, to reach family and friends looking for an update on my dad... plus, the abundant life mentioned above is not one without trials, as this goes to show. 

Saturday around noon- My dad was taken from Hardee County Jail to Sebring hospital for a stroke.

Saturday at 4:00pm- He was released from state custody and transported to Florida Hospital Orlando for emergency surgery to remove a blood clot on the brain (through groin area).

Sunday- The family was notified and we went to see him that night. He had notable weakness and drooping on his right side, and was diagnosed with aphasia (communication disorder that impacts language processing, not intelligence, from damage to the left side of the brain).

Update as of today 4/24:
Dad has regained almost complete strength in his right side already. His balance is struggling but he's walking short distances with assistance. He is urinating on his own and is able to feed himself. He is still on a modified diet due to partial paralysis of the esophagus, but those muscles will strengthen, preventing him from choking or developing pneumonia from fluid in the lungs. We have not heard results of the second MRI, nor from the TEE (transesophagial echocardiogram), which was just completed this morning. They are still looking for the "why" of the stroke. Dad is still in Neuro ICU because of his blood pressure, but as soon as it stabilizes, he will be moved to a less critical floor. He really is receiving top notch care, and for that we are thankful. 

Dad is able to talk more and more every day. His comprehension is close to normal, although there is some confusion at times. He has trouble expressing himself, especially when he tries to elaborate beyond a short sentence. He's also getting names mixed up quite a bit. He keeps saying, "I know what I want to say in here (pointing to his head) but I can't find the words. It's just crazy! It's wild!" and then he laughs…!!! His spirits are good, despite the frustration and he has said, "I am happy. I have hope. I believe God. I am a warrior." 

We are taking the logistics of his upcoming care one day at a time, trusting God to provide what he truly needs.

God is working and we are hoping for lasting change in dad's life. Chris, Lance, and I are aiming to honor our father in every way that we can. After all, How great is the love that our Heavenly Father has lavished on us, that we would be called children of God.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

8 months Bittersweet

Not that my blog has a name, but if it did, I think Bittersweet would be fitting. Every time I sit down to upload pictures or write a few words (as I did tonight), this is my initial thought. *Sigh

Now, I hope you are ready 'cause this update is the most intense yet! In one short month, Jamesy is crawling and pulling up to standing- a little wobbly, but it counts! He can even navigate the step from the den to the dining area. Three teeth have broken skin and he's eating every fruit and vegetable under the sun. (I made a list last night in his baby book, just to see him shake his head at me when he's grown. "Seriously, mom?") I've offered meats twice, ham and chicken, and he concurred.

He's taking his baths with Grace Louise now and loves splashing in the water- even when it gets all over his face! In the bathtub and in the lake! We are looking forward to LOTS of lake beach play (which we officially kicked off today with a swim!)

Jamesy also took his second trip to the pediatrician for a check up on April 1st. Pops likened him to an "almost legal snook" at 28 inches long and 19 pounds! Thanking the Lord for his good health!

No new words, but he loves the "Buh" sound and is saying it even more than momma. I think he's calling himself... Bubba.

Lots of tickling and laughing with his big sister, even playing along with her- the dollhouse in her room, playing instruments together, hanging out in the sandbox, playing in the toy kitchen while mommy cooks supper.

And perhaps the most notable milestone of all, responsible for contributing a refreshing predictability and peace to our routine, is that of self-soothing. I was nursing and rocking a two year old Grace Louise to sleep for her naps... let that sink in. Jamesy is taking wonderful naps twice a day and sleeping 10-12 hours a night. He's happy and growing and well rested. Mommy is happy, and hopefully not growing, but well rested.

Family Sushi Night

I could not be blessed with two more handsome, loving men. And a sweet noodle-eating girl. Thank you, Lord.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter best and seersuckered cuties

Having a family Easter picture is just as much a tradition as anything else! We only got one with everyone looking at the camera. To ask for smiles and hands out of the mouth would just be too much.

I've been waiting an awful long time to put my handsome boy in this jon jon. 
Do you remember the story?

Walter Matthau anyone? (Google image. You'll appreciate the laugh.)


Always fun to be with cousins.