Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Surprise! I'm going to be a big sister!"

We are having another baby!

Whew! What a relief! We've been waiting for the perfect time to share our happy news and excitement with everyone for what seems like forever! Five weeks of nausea with no way to complain has been... well, probably a blessing in disguise. Hopefully that is nearing the end anyway, since we are almost out of the first trimester. Wahoo for the glory of the 2nd Trimester... my favorite!

Telling the news is always the most fun, knowing you have the power to bring a crazy kind of joy to a few grandparents. I found an idea on pinterest that we were going to use, but that never panned out. We opted for one fairly traditional idea and one pretty darn original one!

Grace Louise is the proud owner of an "I'm the Big Sister" shirt that she showed off for BeBe, Pops, and Uncle Marsh on Tuesday night. We sent a picture of the shirt to Aunt Lindsey in Kentucky. We practiced all day, "Surprise! I'm going to be a big sister!" which she never ended up saying, of course! It was still a special way of spilling the beans. When I told them the due date, August 7th, I got an interesting response from BeBe. "What's significant about that?" I asked. Only my husband/baby daddy's birthday. Oh dear. I'm in trouble. Pretty neat, although odds are Baby Hurst will not arrive so early.

And mama found out on camera...
Just a sweet picture with her granddaughter.

"Grace Louise, look at the camera. Say 'Surprise'!"
(LaLa clearly didn't know the surprise yet!)

"I'm going to be a big sister!"
LaLa is questioning the surprise...

"Stop it!" she said.
Grace Louise, totally uninterested, is now playing itsy bitsy spider.
"Yep! August 7th. I'm 11 weeks!"

"I knew it!" as she points her gnarly finger at me!

"You're really pregnant?"

"Are you serious?"

"Oh my gosh. I can't believe it."
Lots of love and hugs and chatter to follow these priceless photos.
So glad to share this joy with my family :-)

Our pinterest idea that we obviously couldn't make work...
But we did a cute grin from this 2 year old... who is going to make an amazing big sister!


Christine said...

Nadia was born on Tony's birthday. Completely possible for it to happen.

Paul, Donna, Ben & Emma Geils said...

Congratulations, Hurst Family!!!

Katy said...

What wonderful news Emily!! I am so excited for baby #2:)

Caleb & Emily said...

Praise God! So excited for your growing family.