Monday, April 16, 2012

A quick little update on this sweet girl of mine.

Grace Louise is loving watching my belly grow and talks every day about her baby brother. She talks as much about her "baby sister", which has me constantly reviewing the ultrasound photo. She says she's just pretending...

"That's his nose!" she said the other day, pointing to my outie! She has even felt him (actually) kick once! The timing for a sibling could not be more perfect... most of the time on our way home from play dates with friends she cries, "But I don't have anybody to play with!"... and she's only two. She's gonna be awesome at this big sister business.

A few new things...

I recently started saying she's 2 1/2 years old... that's weird.

When she wants your attention she makes this funny (attempted whistle) sound, "wssshhhh". Not exactly the most polite gesture, but really cute! She's started a new habit at night of calling me from her bed... "uhhhh, mom? Can I have some water?" I answer and then she starts in again... "uhhhh, mom?"

She's doing so well with her sleeping and napping. I lay down with her every day for a nap. Maybe that will change when the baby gets here...I'm not sure. She puts herself to sleep for night time, however, and is such a big girl about it. A few weeks ago we had an episode of her getting out of her bed and coming down the stairs many times a night, saying she was hungry or scared of the dark. She was coming down each time with (big) baby Sophie in tow... and I know she couldn't see a lick! We ended up putting a gate up at her door... the risk of her falling down the stairs in the pitch dark just wasn't worth it.

She's insanely optimistic, always saying, "It's okay! It's okay! Right, mom? It's okay?" She says this when she drops something, breaks something, or senses that I'm stressed. I mean, what are you gonna say to that!? Of course, it's okay!!! She helps me keep perspective :-) What a gift!

She's still nursing, usually twice a day, and is noticing and commenting on the change in my milk taste and quantity. If I'm tender and happen to wince while she's having ninny, she takes a break to assure me that she is not biting or hurting me. Again... "it's okay, mom!" Nursing a toddler keeps things interesting, for sure!

Our first trip to the dentist was a little earlier than expected. Grace Louise had antibiotics for a lingering sinus infection that we couldn't seem to tackle with natural remedies, which unfortunately stained her teeth with a strange yellow resin. (Another great reason to say NO to antibiotics unless absolutely necessary!) She did great for Dr. Bopp, got a balloon, a new toothbrush, and a clean bill of dental health! Thankfully the stain went away over time. We don't play when it comes to those big white teeth!

If you haven't noticed, Grace Louise is sporting a new hairstyle these days. Her hair is finally long enough to make a little Pebbles ponytail, accented with a matching bow, of course! It's neat to "fix" her hair in the morning. Not something I've ever had the pleasure of doing until now!
We are totally geared up for summer, already swimming as much as we can... a little disappointed in the lack of retention from our expensive and (very) time consuming swimming lessons last summer. :-( I think we'll sign up for a couple weeks of refresher lessons and go from there. Until then, practice makes perfect... just trying to log lots of water hours!

I took her to lunch with BeBe and Pops after church on Sunday and snapped these cute pics. Then we went swimming at Granny Wise's pool.

BeBe has Grace Louise outfitted for the summer... I'm in love with these little Lands End swim suits that protect her from the sun. We're down at the lake beach almost every day and the sun is already brutal. Her skin is so brown, even with religious sunscreen applications!

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