Sunday, February 12, 2012

State Fair

This weekend we had a fun family day at the State Fair, just the three of us... and didn't take the first picture! It was kind of freeing, actually, to not have the pressure of capturing great photos. For my fellow picture crazy mamas, I highly recommend purposely leaving the camera at home every now and then in order to fully enjoy the moments with your family.

This was actually Grace Louise's second trip to the State Fair. We went last year with Jimmy's parents and she LOVED it! I was hoping to experience more rides with her this year, but that didn't happen... she either chickened out last minute or didn't meet the height minimum. We did take one $5 train ride (that I thought would never end)! We also enjoyed yummy fair food... I recommend the Sobo noodles and fresh veggie vendor for lunch so that you feel less guilty about indulging in truly delicious fair treats, like Amish donuts, cinnamon rolls, or funnel cake! Yum!

Grace Louise was most interested in the seeing the animals, so we spent most of our time in the livestock tents. This child is crazy about animals! The whole ride to Tampa, she talked about Layla the cow, (from the Polk County Youth Fair), and despite us telling her she wouldn't, she was sure she would see Layla again at the State Fair. Jimmy told her, "No baby, Layla won't be at this fair." She simply replied, "I think she will." What a mess!

Even though we didn't get any pictures this weekend, I did snap a few at the Youth Fair a couple of weeks ago...

Enjoying the hog sale with Uncle Chris.
Watching LouLou sell her piggy.
We arrived around the check in time for rabbits and poultry. The exhibitors waiting in line were so good to Grace Louise, letting her pet their animals.

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Katy said...

So fun! I bet the weather was great too!