Saturday, February 19, 2011

"We're Going to the Fair..."

Anyone who's ever lived in Gainesville or spent any amount of time exposed to the radio airwaves of North Central Florida is familiar with THE fair song. "It's magical! It's wonderful! It's all right there . . . The Alachua County Fair. We're going to the fair... the Alachua County Fair..." If you know the tune, you're mad at me now, because you'll be singing, humming, or tapping the song for days! Muhahahaha!

The Florida State Fair could learn a few things from those Alachua County folks... like how to choose a theme song to torment your prospective visitors and then slowly lure them in. Fair food and Cracker Country were enough to lure me to the State Fair this year, and I was tickled to share the day with my favorite girl and two of her wonderful grandparents! A surprise visit from cousin Cathy was icing on the cake!

First stop: learn how to prevent forest fires. Thanks, Smokey!
This chick will find herself a seat.

Enjoying some good ol' country gospel music in Cracker Country.

And meeting friends along the way.

Trying out some dance moves compliments of her new friend.

Chickens, goats, horses, cows, a kangaroo, and even a temperamental giraffe who refused to eat the carrot no matter how high or obnoxiously BeBe waved it in the air. Bummer.
Grace Louise definitely saw her share of animals and even got to pet a few furry friends.

I was so excited to see Grace Louise experience her first carnival ride! The carousel was sure to be a hit, I thought... not so much. She was content to be in Pops' arms beside the horse.

After the carousel ride, we weren't sure the cars would be hit; after all, none of us could squeeze in one with her. She was a champ, though, and drove her little red car like a big girl!

And now for the clown car show!

This is me trying to encourage the dare-devil in my daughter. No hands!!!

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