Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

Hoping all my friends and family had a blessed Christmas season! We certainly did in the Hurst house! It went down like this...

Christmas morning breakfast and reading the story of Christ's birth.

Opening a few gifts. We love because He loved us. We give because He gave. 

Grace Louise got a pink BB gun and Jamesy got homemade play-doh, lovingly made and wrapped by his sweet sis. They enjoyed playing with it on Christmas day! They also shared a second gift, a new DVD to watch.

My dad came to stay with us for a few days. We all really enjoyed his short visit and were glad to share such a special day with him. The kids loved helping him open his new red flannel shirt and special framed picture of his grandbabies. 

We enjoyed time outside, shooting the bb gun, shooting my new bow (my husband rocks!... such a great gift-giver!), and simply being together. No rush, no place to get to. So nice!

Jimmy's family joined us, bringing a scrumptious Christmas lunch and some really thoughtful- and fun gifts! The kids had a blast opening up their presents and trying a few out... karaoke singing, 4-wheeler riding, guitar playing...

Caca and Rachel joined us after lunch and brought more Christmas joy! Oh, and an American Girl doll.  Welcome to the family, Marie-Grace.

And finally, Christmas dinner at my mom's house. A labor of love, which I appreciate beyond words. She pours herself into this fine prime rib meal and opens her home to family, extended family, and even friends. The house is full, but so are our hearts. Keeping this tradition requires a lot of work and a few sacrifices, like somehow not making it into a single Christmas picture. Thank you, Ma ;-)

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