Sunday, December 8, 2013

Camping with Pops

This weekend we went on a family camping trip with Pops! The kids survived the long car ride to White Springs, Florida, and we arrived excited to explore the camper and settle in... of course... it was 11 o'clock at night! Considering the challenges that come with traveling with an infant, it was a surprisingly relaxing trip, feeling a bit like vacation! Both of the kids were a little sickly, but behold, we came with essential oils and a cabinet full of remedies! I left my phone at home, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. It was the beginning days of Advent, and I loved the mornings alone, undistracted, in the camper with the kids while daddy and Pops were out hunting. We read stories, watched Christmas movies, cuddled, and made breakfast. Sounds like bliss, huh?!

The kids and I got a chance to hunt as well! I hunted alone in a stand (alone? ask me what that's like), Grace Louise joined her daddy for her first real deer hunt (ipad in tow), and Jamesy and Pops rode around on the buggy. On the way back to camp that night we caught wind of a Christmas lights spectacular, complete with Florida snow! So we went! The fun just didn't stop! 

Exploring the campsite with Millie
These kids are clearly from Florida with all their orange eating.

waiting. waiting. waiting.
Hunting with dad.
It's not camping without smores!
Telling Pops where to go.
Catching that Florida snow.
Daddy and his little hunter girl walking to the stand.

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