Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 Months

Jamesy Boy is two months old! 
  • wearing 3-6 month clothes 
  • big boy!
  • coos and smiles
  • but has a 'serious look' most of the time
  • likes to hear me say "mama"
  • is a morning baby
  • isn't fond of the car seat
  • loves mama's milk
  • watches the mobile
  • focuses on and even grabs the bumble bee toy on his bouncer
  • enjoys being outside
  • has stinky little hands
  • loves bath time
  • sleeps with a binky
  • snuggles so sweet

And now for a few blooper shots... the sibling torture begins...

 strangling hugs.

rotton faces.

 forced smiling.

relentless tickling.

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