Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just life.

Grace Louise loves to hold her baby brother with the Boppy pillow.  She holds him several times a day, and per friends' advice, I rarely tell her no.  This transition has been tough for Grace Louise, and we've certainly had some behavior issues in the past weeks, but her affection towards James H has been totally loving and wonderful!  Jimmy snapped this picture of us having a little family reading time in bed the other night. LOVE!

Our cozy little man.  He's pretty easy... gassy at times, but otherwise predictable, already jumping on board with the eat--play--sleep schedule and nursing every 3 hours.  He tolerates the bouncer and swing a few minutes at a time, but prefers to be held.  Who doesn't?!

Hanging out in the sling.  This sling was (basically) free with a coupon code, and I'm glad I ordered it!  Though I wouldn't torture my back and shoulders with it on a regular basis, it is great for wearing him for short spurts around the house.  Like his big sister, he falls asleep almost immediately after I put him in.  Did I mention he is quite the snuggle bunny!  I can't wait to wrap him up in the Moby :-) My fave!

Our goofy girl's new silly scrunchy nose face.  Seriously, she's grown up more than you can imagine in just the few short weeks that she's been a big sister.

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