Friday, September 21, 2012

Grace Louise is Great and Smart!

My silly girl cheesing next to her stamp chart, a new incentive system we have been using for a couple weeks.  Before the baby was born she was napping and sleeping through the night with no potty accidents, but has since been waking up wet.  I decided to reward her with a stamp for the times she woke up with a dry diaper.

First of all, she thinks stamps are the coolest thing ever. (As you can see in the picture, she found the stamper and gave herself some unearned stamps that I had to mark out... no cheating!) When she gets 20 stamps she gets a reward.  Her first: a date with mommy and daddy and a blue raspberry icee at Cafe Creme! I wish I had a picture of that bright blue tongue! She was delighted- and oh so proud!

Because she was so responsive to the incentive chart, we've been giving her more opportunities to earn stamps.  She even named her chart, "Grace Louise is Great and Smart!"  I think so. She's been earning stamps not only for dry bedtime diapers, but also for serving without being asked, helping with extra chores, and obeying consistently.  For her next reward, she's requested a trip to the mall to ride the carousel :-)

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