Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

With all the name revealing excitement, I almost forgot about our other Father's Day fun!  

Grace Louise and I cooked Jimmy a big breakfast on Saturday morning and tried to let him sleep in... as long as we could stand it!  

Saturday afternoon my brothers, their SO's, and my step dad came over for hamburgers.  It was simple, truly enjoyable fellowship.  All of the food was cooked outside, except for the cupcakes (although hmmm... maybe there is a way to fry those up too!)  Grace Louise was inspired to cupcake-baking by a book we read every day last week, The Best Father's Day Ever.  In the story, the little girl spends the day with her daddy and makes a Happy Father's Day cake, complete with candles, one for each year he was her dad.  So... we made cupcakes, orange marmalade ricotta, one of Jimmy's favorite, and gave one with a candle to each of the dads at our party.  Grace Louise led us in singing Happy Father's Day to you and, of course, her daddy's cupcake had two candles, one for each year he's been her dad!  It was super sweet and she really took a lot of ownership in the cake part of the celebration!  

We ended the evening with a ride on Uncle Chris' air boat, one of her favorite things to do!

I am blessed with some good memories with my own dad, inspiration from several surrogate fathers in my life, the best Papa a girl could ask for, many good men in the family I've married into, and the never-failing love and endless faithfulness from my Heavenly Father.  A good Father's Day...

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