Thursday, March 8, 2012

Homemade Prenatal "Vitamins"

I followed pretty traditional dietary recommendations and took your average prenatal vitamin with DHA during my last pregnancy. This pregnancy, however, I seem to be a bit more in tune with my body's nutritional needs. I've decided to take a new approach to prenatal vitamins, being more realistic about what my body is really getting through one little pill. (Can you say neon yellow pee!?!?!)

So... forgoing the synthetic prenatal vitamin...

The first thing I set my little heart on was Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Yes, that's what I said. Fermented. (Let that sink in). Cod. Liver. Oil. Yummy!!! I'm not going to pretend to be the expert on Cod Liver Oil, but to sum up what I've learned in the past couple of months...

1. Fermented is the way to go
2. Green Pasture is one of few credible sources from which to get this quality supplement

I waited two months to order this because it is not cheap, and I wanted to make sure this was where I wanted to spend my...God's money. A good choice, I think. Much to be read on this if you have the time.

Floradix Iron and Herbs- I took this iron supplement towards the end of my pregnancy with Grace Louise when my iron levels showed up a little low. This company is great, producing liquid WHOLE FOOD supplements that actually get absorbed into the body! More expensive than other options, but hey, at least you're not peeing most of it out! I had BAD first trimester funk with this baby, so starting the iron early helped pull me out and give me an energy boost. I've backed off a little on this supplement since starting my Green Smoothie regimen. More on that later...

Foradix Calcium Magnesium- Horrible ligament stretching and cramping with this pregnancy. I might have experienced one painful cramp with Grace Louise. Not sure if its because of the type of yoga I do now, but wow...charlie horses of the ab muscles!!! I've been taking cal-mag for a couple weeks now and have noticed less cramping. Plus, I know I don't get enough calcium in my diet anyway.

Aquasana Water Filter- Several years ago, Jimmy and I entertained a traveling water filter salesman for several hours one afternoon. You gotta hate that, right?! Well, he totally had me suckered. If I had $3000 at the time, that water filter would have been SOLD! Since then, I've read a lot about water filters and asked around, looking for the best option for removing fluoride and chlorine, among other things. I'm happy to say that I've been drinking chlorine free water for 3 weeks now and loving every sip :-) And it didn't cost me (anywhere near) $3000!!! Honestly, I think this particular filter is mass manufactured and sold by several different companies and brands, including Dr. Mercola.

The most recent addition to my prenatal "vitamin" has been the wholesome and delicious Green Smoothie. I purchased a Ninja blender (what I found to be the best option other than a VitaMix). I intended to make smoothies of all kinds, but can't imagine going a day without spinach or kale. I have noticed a drastic difference in my energy levels since drinking these and find my body literally craves them! The first week was trial and error, but I've learned to keep it simple... greens, a frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries, and an orange or orange juice. Grace Louise loves her "samoovies" too!

I've had people ask me, "Why do you have to do everything so different than everybody else?" The truth is, if the best way is the most popular way, then I'll do it the popular way. But if it's not, then I'm going to seek out what is best for me and my family and do that instead!


Katherine Bell said...

You are a nutritional and fitness inspiration! :) I've been thinking for awhile now about getting the fermented cod liver oil from Green really does seem to be the best. Please share any tips or tricks to getting it down... ;) Love the part about doing things the best way, even if they are different from everyone true!

The Hursts said...

Katie- My trick to getting it down is ... buying the capsules instead! lol! I figured I would pay the extra money (it is a little more expensive in capsule form). Being pregnant and nauseas I didn't want to risk not being able to get it down. I purchased the orange flavored capsules and take 2 every night before bed. I've never burped or tasted them in anyway.

Matt and Christen said...

You are very inspirational Emily. That is awesome that you did all that research and know your body so well. Love hearing about new ways to do things as well!! Praying the pregnancy continues to go well for you. Congrats on a boy!!! I love having one of each.