Monday, March 26, 2012

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor...

I was sucked in by the first page! The Hunger Games, a book that would never have read on my own accord, but decided to read (or devour really) after much peer pressure... I loved this futuristic trilogy and knew by the second book that I would throw a themed party in its honor. I persuaded my mom, who was in need of a reading "pick me up", to also check out the books, and so spent hours talking with her about the details of the book and sharing my many party ideas!

The book (sadly unlike the recently released movie) had a huge focus on food, lending itself to plenty of party snacks and yummy treats... honey colored pudding, orange cream chicken, lamb stew with dried plums (Katniss' favorite), sliced bread with goat cheese, basil, and blackberries, Peeta's fruit and nut bread, apple and goat cheese tart... these were all on the menu and a huge hit last Friday night at my Hunger Games party!!!

I encouraged my guests to come in costume... and they did! Those who came closer to Beauty Base Zero were provided endless eyeshadow, hair color, tiaras, and press on nail glam! We had several Katniss characters, Glimmer, a capitol citizen, and I, of course, dressed as Effie, the coordinator/boss/hostess/liaison between District 12 and the Capitol. Such fun!!!

Nightlock... a deadly berry (chocolate covered, of course), available for my guests to consume if the party got unbearably drab.

I found a reference in the book for each of my party yummies, including the Popcorn for the movie! Several ladies went from my house to the 10:15 showing of the movie in town. *Yawn...

I was busy getting ready down to the last minute... so regretting not taking more pictures of the food and set up.
"Effie and Katniss"

A couple of Katniss' thoroughly enjoying themselves!

Donna practicing at the Training Station. Brystal was our archery champ of the evening.
I love Donna's expression here... she doesn't seem to have much confidence in Jadi's archery abilities!

Hunger Games trivia galore! Pictionary and Taboo with Team 1.
Team 2... a mess!

A few of the remaining Tributes of the night...

And finally The Reaping... Guests earned tickets for the "Gift Reaping" throughout the evening by participating in and winning various trivia games and activities. Jadi was our winner!!!

A big thanks to all the ladies who joined in the fun! Wondering now what's in store for the 2nd and 3rd movies...

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