Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby book kind of stuff...

I know I don't have to explain that recording milestones and even special moments with our wee ones becomes more of a challenge as they grow. The truth is, we really are busy chasing them around, teaching, chauffeuring, and all else that comes with mothering toddler and school age children. But wow, the fun and honestly sweet moments that are so abundant! Too many to write, really!

I'm putting this post together to capture a moment in time with my little Grace Louise. This is her, today...

Grace Louise. Loves to make up stories. Remembers crazy facts and information and incorporates them into these stories. Plays on the bed with daddy. Still likes to fish. Has new chickens and is responsible for taking care of them. Weighs 28.8 pounds. Enjoys "samoovies", "nola bars", oranges, and meat. Needs a playmate...coming August 2012. Says she needs a playmate..."Can you have the baby now? I will carry her with both hands!" Sings many many songs- Zaccheus, Jesus Loves Me, Praise Him When the Sun Goes Down. Sneaks over to Uncle Dave's swing set. Plays with other children very well. Helps in the kitchen, standing on her stool. Picks and eats loquats in the yard. Also picks flowers at BeBe's. Cleans up after herself, becoming more and more self sufficient. Still enjoys ninny. Becoming more of a daddy's girl, but is still partial to mama. Proficiently uses an ipad. Requests to buy apps. Pitter patters feet across the floor and wakes me up every morning by whispering in my ear, "Mommy, wake up! Make me some breakfast! I'm hungry!" Jumps and squeals when she's excited or dancing. Smacks when she kisses if you remind her to "make it say smooch!" Says, "I think..." and sees herself as very convincing and sure of her convictions. Loves the name Layla. Is crazy about animals, especially cows, horses, and kitties. Continues to drive her Gator jeep in circles because she still can't steer. Apologizes readily. Has memorized several scriptures- John 3:16, Prov 3:27, Colossians 3:20. Crafts daily. Loves to read books and fills in missing words and lines in her favorite stories. Looks forward to social engagements (MOPS, library, play dates) although she's often shy at first. Asks about her friends often. Gets into mommy's make-up and wants her toes painted frequently. Says she's going to work at the Farmer's Market when she grows up. Shares better than any 2 year old I've ever seen (see Proverbs 3:20). Mostly misbehaves by yelling "NO!" Otherwise practices good manners. Healthy as a horse. Picks up moss in the yard every Monday with mommy and loves this chore. Speaks in complete sentences and can hang with the most articulate grown ups. Knows her shapes, colors, and some letters. Sleeps in a toddler bed with her baby doll every night. Tells me each night, "I love you. With all my heart. To the moon and back. More than anything."

While I was writing this, I played You Are Good by Point of Grace on Spotify. I listened to this song on my evening walks through the Genesis Pointe neighborhood when I was pregnant with Grace Louise. Sure enough, hearing it tonight brought me right back to those moments, so incredibly thankful to be pregnant with her, and then, overcome with God's goodness when she was born! I could not even imagine what life would be like on a daily basis with this Sugar Bear, what she would be like as a toddler. All I can say is full... life is just so full with her a part of it. And I love it!

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