Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ringing in the New Year!

I haven't written the date yet, so 2010 hasn't really had a chance to sink in. I'm usually so introspective at the New Year (surprise, surprise), but I've been pleasantly distracted so far this year and haven't had a chance to gather my thoughts. I should take some time soon to reflect on the past year, as it has been a lot to take in. And I know this year is going to be even crazier! Crazy in a good way! So far, the only thing I've purposed is to go through this year "eyes wide open". I don't want to miss a thing. Maybe that is enough of a resolution!

We celebrated the New Year with family and friends and had a great time! New Years Eve we had dinner with the Fann crew and took the party animal to meet one of her best buds, Addison. Here they are just hanging out on the floor- Addi trying to get the strawberries off of Grace Louise's sleeper!

New Year's Day we went to Papa Hurst's for lunch and stayed to watch the Gators in the Sugar Bowl. Grace Louise finally got to wear her Gator cheerleading outfit (thanks, Miss Kristie!).

Can you guess who was the star of the show?
-She makes grown-ups talk like a bunch of babies ;-)

She was a sport, but didn't quite make it to game time!

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