Saturday, January 16, 2010


Time for a weigh-in! At 9.5 weeks she weighed 13.4lbs and was 24 inches long! We'll be going to see the pediatrician again this coming week since it seems Grace Louise had somewhat of a stomach yucky the past couple of days. She didn't seem to feel bad at all, and never ran a fever, but had mild diarrhea. I have been giving her pedialyte in addition to breast milk to prevent any dehydration. Looks like she's on the up and up, though, with normal diapers today. Thank God for a quick recovery!

Everyone loves to hold the princess!

Can you say hair bow??

What a sweet cousin... Quinten was lovin' all over this baby when we went for a visit last week. Giving kisses, holding her hand, and laying his head on her belly :-)

GL and I went to lunch with two of our best girls, my AMAZING doula, Megan and her sweet doll baby girl, Lydia (who, by the way, was dying to get in the moby with Grace Louise). She loves babies, just like her mom.

Grace Louise's role model, sporting an infant headband, adult sunglasses, and her "foofie".
What a ham!

Grace Louise is already learning to read :-)

Perhaps a glimpse of the joy I get to witness on the changing table. I don't know why, but this baby LOVES to be there! We've been working on a very important milestone lately- more giggling. She chuckled repeatedly on the table a few days ago while mommy made a goof of herself singing Pat-A-Cake. She likes when I say "Yay!" at the end, smile real big, and clap her hands. You would probably laugh too!

A late Christmas- opening presents from "CaCa" and Aunt Ginny.
"...Miss Suzy called the lady with the alligator purse"

Looking oh so fashionable in her bonnet and ug snow boots- a must have for this frozen Florida winter!

4 Generations of DeVanes

Grace Louise had a blast visiting Grandaddy earlier this week.

"I see you sneakin' around there with that camera!"

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