Monday, January 4, 2010


I've got so many great pictures of this little princess, it's hard to choose which ones to share! I'll begin with a few random pics and a quick update...

I'm guessing this chunk is about 13 pounds or so. I went through her clothes today and took all the outfits that are too small out of her closet. So sad! In terms of fashion, though, this is great- opening up many new options for her wardrobe. Clothes that I couldn't imagine her being big enough to fill are now fitting perfectly. I held a sleeper up to her (my favorite one that just made her look like a doll!)... too small. The outfit she only wore once... too small. The outfit that never got worn... too small. Geeze. It's true.

Baby Wise is working! My 9 week old breastfed baby is sleeping through the night, skipping both night time feedings... three nights in a row. Her last feeding is around 10:30 and she has been waking up to feed again around 8am. Yes, I'm proud, but who wouldn't be? We all prefer to wake up to daylight. Hopefully this is going to last. I'll keep you posted.

Giggles are just around the corner; I know it! A few days ago she started to chuckle, but only managed a one syllable grunt accompanied by a HUGE grin. (I'm her mom. I knew what she meant.) When she finally does let loose, I predict that it will be at the end of nursing or while she is on her changing table- her happiest moments.

We tried out the Bumbo today- not quite ready, but it won't be long!

"Na-na-na-na Boo Boo!"


Daddy's favorite picture!


Charlie Rae Young said...

Emily, Please be VERY careful with Babywise...They have found that infants who are "trained" with Babywise suffer severe dehydration and separation issues while in infancy.
Wish all the best for you and pretty little Grace Louise,
Charlie :-)

Charlie Rae Young said...

This is the same article but with more links to additional information.

The Hursts said...

Thanks, Charlie! I actually read a similar article (from one of my famous google searches ;). As with any routine or method, I think it all comes down to momma instincts. The Babywise book is a bit too anti-attatchment parenting for me, but I just take what I like and leave the rest. The feeding and napping routine seems very natural to me and Grace Louise took to it immediately without any fuss. (And CLEARLY this chick is getting plenty to eat!) I wear her in the moby for at least a couple of hours a day, so separation- not a problem! She's "spoiled" rotten!