Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I make camo look good"

Thanksgiving was particularly special this year with the recent birth of our baby girl and SO many other blessings in our lives to be thankful for! A few things that I am especially thankful for...

a healthy and beautiful baby girl
the amazing love that I have for her
the amazing love that my mom has for me (which I never knew until now!)
the amazing love that God has for me! (again- I have been enlightened!)
my husband- a GREAT man of God (these are in no particular order ;-)
our wonderful family

A few pics from the week of Thanksgiving...

need I say anything at all about this picture?

Grace Louise met her Aunt Lindsey for the first time last week. What a sweet embrace!
(They both cried).

Jimmy's family- "Lunch in the woods"

4 generations of Hursts

"Alright dad... I think I'm ready to go huntin'"

"I make camo look gooood!"

Inspired by Jimmy's family's thoughtfulness in capturing family photographs, I insisted on getting a shot with my bros at our Thanksgiving. It only took 100 tries to get one decent picture (one where someone wasn't laughing or picking their nose!)

4 generations of... (we all have different last names- how does that work?)

Grace Louise hanging out with Uncle Chris. He can't keep his hands off of her!

Papa Coates and Rachel with GL

"Now that I'm out of the woods, I can wear my pumpkin outfit."

Complete with matching pumpkin hat!

Boys will be boys!

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