Monday, September 28, 2009

Before / After

1). Before/After: The office

Not a great "before" photo, but all I could find. The new office was formerly our back porch. The pic above is a view from the dining area/kitchen to the backporch. We installed windows (where there were screens before), painted the walls, and laid laminate wood flooring (generously donated by one of Jimmy's customers!)

2). Before/After: The nursery

Blah! This was our messy office before the transformation. Now it is a beautiful baby girl nursery!

3). Before/After: The belly

No explanation needed here! I may have to update this one more time depending...


~Nikki Alana~ said...

Love the new office...Love, Love the new nursery...and Love, Love, Love your Belly and you! Hope you're doing well girly!

Matt and Christen said...

Love the nursery. Wow you do look ready to have that baby. Praying for you!