Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Showers!!!

After much harassment from my facebook friends... here are baby shower pics- finally!

Shower #2:
September 26th, First Baptist Church Smith Building
Shower #2 hostesses- Amanda, Aunt Cindy, Missy, Lucy, Nancy, Vicki.
They did a WONDERFUL job!
(I'm the pregnant lady in the middle).

High school lunch table.

The non-pregnant people at the shower- or those without babies.

The pregnant ladies. Geeze Michelle, you look like you're about to POP ;)

Babies galore! We just couldn't get over all the babies at this shower... and mostly baby girls!
Is that not incredible?!

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from Belinda's homeroom volunteer- so sweet :)

Lots of cute clothes and other gifts for Baby Girl! The hostesses bought us the cloth diapers and diaper bag hanging in the background of this pic.

Shower #1:
September 12th, Donna Respress' Home
I regret not getting a picture with the hostesses of this shower, but they did an awesome job! Everything was beautiful and pink!
Melanie, Miss Donna, Cathy, Mom

Baby Girl's first bikini!

I love wearing flowers and feeling special :)

Look at all that yummy food!

I can't believe we didn't get any pics at the last shower, but we must have just been too busy having fun! Our friends Angie and Wes put together a couples cookout / wipes shower for us a few weekends ago. We had a blast hanging out with friends, enjoyed a great wild game dinner, and brought home a stock-pile of baby wipes to boot!

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who helped with my showers and for those who showed up to "shower" us with love and much-needed goodies for our little one :-) Now that we're only a few days away (hopefully) from meeting our precious girl, it feels so wonderful to walk into her nursery knowing that we have everything we need and more!
No doubt, we have been doubly blessed!


Katy said...

I can't wait to meet her either....on one my few and far between trips to FL:) Miss you girl, I'll be praying for a healthy delivery!

The Sutton Four said...

I LOOOOVe those pictures and your look radiant! So sad we don't live closer and I could have made it to celebrate, but I will be there when BG debuts! Can't wait to see you and HER!!!