Sunday, August 16, 2009


This weekend I attended the Women of Faith Conference in Tampa with one of my dear friends, Heather. I used to be a Christian conference junkie, relying so much on the hype and emotion of the event to affirm the quality of the experience. I am thankful to now have a good grasp on God's neverchanging love for me and his constant presence in my life. Don't get me wrong... the conference weekend was wonderful and oh, so encouraging to my spirit! The group of ladies (and men) who spoke touched my heart in many ways. As I reflect on their stories (usually VERY funny stories) and the Biblical truths they taught, there were a few key take-away points that were particularly impactful to me that I wanted to share...

Lisa Harper

  • The women in the lineage of Jesus were not perfect...and God uses imperfect, messed up people! Take a look at Tamar (manipulative prostitute), Rahab (prostitute), Bethsheba (adulteress), and even the ever-revered Ruth (who, by the way, comes from a family who put the funk in dysfunctional!) God works despite us!

Sheila Walsh

  • "Be still and know that I am God"- Psalm 46:10

  • The words Be still literally mean "let go". So often when we hear this scripture, we think of sitting in a dark, quiet corner trying to be super spiritual. Let go of all the worries, anxieties, and troubles of our day and trust in God's promises and sovereignty. Let go...He will deliver you!

Steven Curtis Chapman

  • As most of you know, Steven and his family lost their youngest, adopted daughter in a tragic accident last year. Hearing him share honestly about his personal struggle and how this experience has made him question everything he has ever believed, was heart-gripping. Through it all, his family has been upheld by faith in the Lord and to quote his wife, Mary Beth, "we have hit the bottom and found that it was solid". What a testament to God's unwavering committment to never leave us nor forsake us! God is on the throne!

Merilyn Meberg

  • Before Christ, we are bound by the weight of lovelessness. The question of every human heart is "Am I loveable?" In our journey of knowing God, He wants to answer that question and for us to truly believe and know the depths of His love for us. Oh, if we could only grasp a measure!

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