Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cute baby clothes and "super breasts"

Boy have things been crazy around here the past few weeks! We are trying not be overwelmed with the remodeling projects (which have only just begun, by the way)! This was supposed to be my "week off", but has resembled nothing of the sort. Errands to run, A BUSINESS to run, A HOUSE to run...but, hey, who's complaining, right! We're gonna have a baby!!! Yay!

Baby Girl's first Gator outfit. (Thanks Cathy and Rachel!!!) She'll have to wait until next football season to wear this sporty dress! The matching pacifiers, on the other hand, may come in handy sooner :)

Having a new office means one step closer to having a nursery for our little one! Here is a pic of the progress we have made. Door, window, a/c unit, paint, and a wood floor. We've got some molding/trimming work to do before moving in. Maybe we'll tackle all that next week. For now, we need a break!!! (Plus, Jimmy's birthday is Friday...and we can't be having the birthday boy working on his birthday weekend, can we?!)

Oh yeah, did I mention summer visiting as part of my busyness? I have really enjoyed catching up with old friends and visiting family this summer. The pic above is me and my friend Christen after a great lunch at Lavender and Lace in Lake Alfred. We are only 2 weeks apart. Maybe little Charlie and Baby Girl will get married some day!

Me, Rachel, and Zac after Zac's acting premier in Tampa last Saturday. Fabulous, he was! (Excuse this bad picture of me- I look like I have super-breasts and a really fat arm!)

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