Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sharing Jamesy's Birth

In honor of Jamesy's first birthday, I'm so excited to share this video of my birth! I have worked hard to preserve these memories and while I went back and forth on whether or not to share pictures of such an intimate event publicly, I ultimately decided to let the simplicity and beauty of birth have its say.

I hope our family and friends experience unbridled excitement and joy as they get to see our Jamesy boy take his first breath and hear his very first cry. I hope fellow birth-lovers are stirred in their passion. I hope mamas unhappy with how their births unfolded are not in the least bit shamed, but are rather encouraged to make peace with their own experience. And I hope no one reading this assumes that I stand in judgment if your birth preferences are different than mine. I hope more than anything, you are drawn to our Creator through seeing the miracle of birth unfold. I hope you are in some way inspired, whether you had the birth of your dreams... or no physical birth at all.

This photo/video montage includes priceless pictures taken by two of my most admired photographer friends (Greenprint Photography and Ginger Unzueta Photography) and also includes snippets of Jamesy's written birth story. No need to hide your eyes at any point, as this little swimmer was born under water! Enjoy!

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