Friday, May 17, 2013

Beyond myself

Two weeks after the stroke, dad came to stay with us after leaving the hospital. He's doing amazing, struggling only with some minor speech aphasia. A you-would-never-guess stroke victim. He went to my brother's after spending a week here. Hoping to enter a long term treatment center in the next week. The road ahead is still not completely clear, and loose ends would like to drive me to worry if I let it.

The week of caring for my dad and all throughout this season of trial, I've stumbled upon (crashed into?) lesson after lesson... Keep your spiritual eyes open in the fire; there's something to learn here. Serve God, not others. Do everything as unto the Lord. Bring each day before Him; each day has enough worry of its own. Honoring our parents can be messy and complicated in a broken world, yet ask God how to honor and honor still. God's ways are higher than ours.period. Dialogue with God continually, even about... especially about the things we are struggling with. When you're crushed under the weight of it all and yet another blow comes, realize that you cannot handle it all, you are beyond yourself and completely weak. Then lift up your eyes, beloved, and see, your help comes from the Lord! Take heart, His strength is perfect in weakness. And he rescues again and again and again. 

The one who loves us gives us an overwhelming victory in all these difficulties. -Romans 8:37

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