Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Place Where Dreams Come True

Speaking of dreaming... I never dreamed I'd take Grace Louise to Disney World this young... but we did. And it was actually a great experience! Such a great experience, in fact, that we've already gone back for more! A lovely family friend with lifetime (yes, I said lifetime) Disney passes graciously took care of our admission and served as our guide on our first trip to Animal Kingdom.

We went to this particular park both times and it truly is a great park for toddlers. Its shaded with plenty of things for pre-roller coaster riders to see and do. Of course, its all about the animals, which Grace Louise loved- "Ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh" and "Arghhhh!" all day long. Apart from the animal exhibits, there is a petting zoo, safari, train ride, 3-D bug movie (so cute!), and tastiest of all, The Rainforest Cafe!

I didn't tote my camera on our trip this past Friday, but these are some shots from our first trip over spring break.

On the safari ride. Obviously, we are seeing something VERY interesting!
Rhinos, hippos, a giraffe, maybe?

GL hopped over to sit with Miss G for a closer look at the elephants. This ride is so neat! Like a true safari, the animals are in their "natural" habitat, not in cages.

Oh yes, and the Boneyard is a great play area for toddlers with slides, an enormous sandbox for finding fossils, and a little water to play in too!

(Alright now, Disney... that was a great plug for your park. Now where's my paycheck??)

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