Monday, April 12, 2010

Hay fever, coughing, a stuffy nose... What's ailing the Hurst's? Nobody knows!

Okay. Corny blog post title. The point is, we've all been feeling quite yucky since Thursday night, and whatever it is (allergies maybe? or just a cold?) we are praying it will go away soon! Grace Louise cut her first tooth this morning (YAY!) so I think her diarrhea and runny nose were symptoms of that. Since Jimmy and I have all of our teeth, I'm thinking we simply have colds ;-)

I should have my sick self in the bed, but I just couldn't resist posting some Easter pictures from last weekend. (Plus, my husband is entirely too intrigued in the PBS Lewis and Clark expedition show to go to bed).

We had a wonderful Easter service at church celebrating Christ's resurrection! I'm so thankful and excited that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is living in us! After church we had lunch at LaLa's, enjoyed some Easter basket goodies, and had an egg hunt for Triston. I snapped some really neat pics, which is so easy since my daughter is obviously quite the little ham!
You know the rule, not everyone can be smiling and looking at the camera at once!

Granny and Papa Coates

LaLa made Grace Louise this precious Easter basket! She made mine when I was baby, which I kept into my teenage years. So special. She had Grace Louise's monogrammed with her name on one side and "He Is Risen" on the other.
Now that Jimmy and I are parents of an impressionable little human, we get to decide which cultural traditions we want to celebrate and how to incorporate them into our family in a way that reflects our priorities and values. Finally. Power!!!...Muhahahahahaha! Just kidding. Really, it is a neat responsibility.

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Katy said...

I can't get over how big she is! And beautiful:) Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better! I thought I was having allergies earlier this week too, but now I think I have a minor head cold. Anyway, feel better!