Monday, April 26, 2010

Inch Worm

Six months and two teeth later, we've got a sweet little munchkin attempting to crawl around the living room! No joke! I've been calling Grace Louise my little "inch worm". Cutest dang inch worm you've ever seen! She scrunches her knees up under her belly with her little tush in the air and then pushes forward. With an arsenal of transportation methods, she manages to get where she wants to go. Already getting rug burn!

Went in for a 6 month check up and GL weighed 17.6 lbs! She has (accidentally) said "ninny", "mama" and "dada". I say "accidentally" because the words just sort of fall out of her mouth, along with a bunch of other crazy sounds and syllables. She will be speaking with purpose before too long. (I still think she knew exactly what she was saying when she said "ninny"... afterall, it was time to eat!)

Now for some pics of the gal and her pals...

Triston turned 8 last week and we had a BDay party for him at mom's.
Being silly, but he loves to read!

Big Lou and Little Lou

Papa Coates doing what he does best... crashing parties! ha!

GL chillin' in the new Babyhawk carrier. (Getting too big for the Moby).

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