Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Whole Months!!!

Grace Louise turns 5 months tomorrow, April 1st! And I'm not kidding!!! No April Fool's here! We enjoy her so much... all 16 pounds of her! Wherever we go, everyone seems to just love her... and it is easy to do! She is such a fun and loving little baby, with all sorts of new tricks up her sleeve- most recent is drinking water out of a cup! One more month or so and we'll introduce some veggies!

She finally fits the hiking pack and seems to love it! We're going on our first hike in the Nature Conservancy this week.

Did I mention it doubles as a teether?

Happy Feet!

"I see you!"

Making use of all her toys now. She loves to jump in her JumpARoo!
She's learned to jump, so now she jumps in the ExerSaucer (which is NOT made for jumping)... more like crashing!

Who sits up now? I do! I do!

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Katy said...

She is sooo smiley, I love it!! Happy five months girl!