Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our first photo session!

Angel Bowen did an amazing job taking these shots for us last week! We were so pleased to be able to get such wonderful pictures in the comfort of our own home. I have a much greater respect for those photographers who take newborn baby pics on a daily basis. Itty bitty babies are just so unpredictable- you never know what you're going to get! Grace Louise was not thrilled at first, but after some ninny and a short nap, she was much easier to work with! These are just a few of the many pictures Angel took... Enjoy!

Looking up to Daddy already!

Precious piggies

See what I mean... she didn't want to model at first!

" Hmmm..."

"This is serious"


I'm so glad we got some great shots in this pose. I love when she reaches up to me; I grab her little hands, bend down, kiss her all over, and remind her that I'm her mommy. I do this about a hundred times a day...

"Dad, what's that scratchy stuff on your face?"

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The Sutton Four said...

PURE Sweetness!!! Motherhood looks so good on you!! we can't wait to kiss her little cheeks ourselves!!! (and hug her mama and daddy too)