Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's a She!

Our little one greeted us so nicely this morning (after a tall cup of coffee)...she even waved! See those five fingers?? I love when she turns her head towards the US doppler, as if she's looking right at us (even though she looks like an alien)!

And the proof is in the pudding! Our ultrasound tech was pretty sure of it this time...she's a she! Little Hurst still wouldn't spread eagle for us, but she was a bit more cooperative, letting us sneak a peak a few times. Three clear lines is what we were looking for! Now... on to the name game and pretty pink things...


Sutton Family said...

OH YEA!!!! I have a few girl things I am putting in the mail to you!!!!! love you guys!

The Ross Family said...

Yea! We are so excited for you guys! Between the Sutton's and us, we have plenty of "girly stuff"
Congrats Again! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Anxious to welcome another Coates'
girl! A boy would also be welcomed.
Aunt Judy