Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boktoberfest- Take 3

If not for proof in pictures (and Jamesy's birth certificate), I would not believe a year has passed since I loaded up these two rascals and went to Boktoberfest. Christening our green double stroller, thinking/knowing I was crazy, and making first memories with my TWO children. Seriously, as I was buckling him in the stroller on Saturday morning, I felt I had just done that... like yesterday. Like so little time had passed. He doesn't seem all that different to me. Still such a baby. And I love that! 

Now go back in time with me...
Last year at Boktberfest
Three Years Ago at Boktoberfest

Isn't that fun?!?! Scary, but fun!

This year was a bit different since Jamesy was able to get out and walk some. He loved the petting zoo and making our own scarecrow! (Our scarecrow was with child, of course). Grace Louise did this really cool spice art project, painted a pumpkin, pet a snake, learned all about simple machine water pumps at the HEART exhibit, and was enthralled with the clown show, something she remembered from last year. We had another blast and were home in time to watch the Gators with daddy.

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