Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 5 months, James H!

What a difference a month has made! Our precious son is so active and smiley, learning and doing more everyday! 

rolling ALL over. enjoying his mat and toys on the floor. loves chewing Sophie. loves chewing anything. hopeful for teeth soon. lots of drool. brightens up the room with his smile. has quite a scowl too- like his sister. looks like a little snapping turtle. says 'mama' (not on purpose, but really he does!). still nurses in the night. sleeps in bassinet but prefers mama's bed. getting better in the car. watches the dvd player. loves his weekly bath (yes, only one a week). eczema has improved. mama loving soft baby skin again. interacting with Sissy more everyday. belly laughs often. listens to stories. squeals like a girl. joins the family at the supper table, Bumbo style. still loves to be worn. such a lover and just pulls you in!

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