Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Vacation

An entire week away from the normal responsibilities and routine of daily life?.... um, yes!  I'll take it!  Jimmy and I haven't been on such a long vacation since our honeymoon, eight years ago, and I almost forgot how refreshing it could be!  We joined his parents and sister for a Little Gasparilla Island vacation that was riddled with faith-testing obstacles from the start!  (This must mean we desperately needed this trip and all the life lessons that came along with it!)  By Wednesday, our trip was smooth sailing... lots of good memories just being together, fishing, beaching, swimming, fireworks.  

Our drive back to Lake Wales yesterday was bittersweet, reflecting on all the fun we had, but glad to be heading back to our very own comfy home.  Grace Louise loved every minute of our trip, referring to our condo as our "vacation home", but was also excited to be coming home to our dog, Millie, and her neighborhood friend, Emily.  (This is truly an understatement.  "Can we go to Emily's house?" is something we heard repeated 5,263 times before getting home.)

 Beach play.

We found lots of pretty shells to bring home.  She loves sorting, counting, and stacking objects like shells.  I think we'll spend the next week painting and crafting with some of our shell treasures.

 Taking a break to swing.

 Spending QT with Aunt Linz.

 Beach bums.

 Bait anyone?
Her attention span for fishing with her rod and reel is very short, but she could play in the bait live well all day!

Happy 4th of July!
Bebe bought glow jewelry for everyone and we watched fireworks from our front porch!  
Grace Louise doesn't generally like loud noises but handled the fireworks well, oooing and awwing at the pretty colors.

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