Monday, November 28, 2011

More Firsts

Year one is filled with many recorded firsts. Then, as our babies grow and life with a toddler gets busier and more engaging, there comes a tendency to overlook some of these special moments. Grace Louise is exploring the world around her with such enthusiasm, and I can't imagine not getting to witness these moments of growth and discovery! There are more to come (checking out books at the library, going to the movie theatre, playing in the arcade) but here are a few firsts I captured recently.

First Movie
Tangled. Such a cute movie, and it held her attention for longer than I thought! She watched 45 minutes of it one day (as seen here with a bowl of yummy yeasty popcorn) and the rest of it the next day. We sat on our respective ends of the couch with our bowls and blankets. What a big ole' girl!

First time picking oranges!
Uncle Dave, who is not our uncle at all, but rather a neighbor, has made fast friends with Grace Louise and lets us pick oranges any time we want! We are especially grateful for our free fruit, because my papa won't be keeping us in oranges anymore.
Earlier this summer, my family sold their groves... Papa getting too old for the tedious work required and no one to continue in the family business. Such a huge part of my childhood was playing and working in and amongst those trees, learning much more than I thought at the time. Oh, gosh. I think I might cry... moving on.

First Marshmallow Roasting
This was also at Uncle Dave's, along with his children and grandchildren. "The Grandkids" as Grace Louise appropriately calls them. It was actually a chilly night, so perfect for a fire, good company, and special memories.

(Why no fire? Because these pictures are from a reenactment, of course. Much too busy enjoying the moment to have remembered my camera!)

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