Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Best Mother's Day!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I still haven't quite got over how spectacular that day was for me. Last year Grace Louise was around 6 months old on Mother's Day, so this ain't my first rodeo... My first Mother's Day wasn't all that memorable, though (apparently, because I can't remember much about it... except that I got two really special cards from my amazing in-laws... or was that for my birthday... see.)

This Mother's Day, on the other hand, is one I will never forget. I took a break from all of my obligations, responsibilities, and traditions, and on a whim, went with my mom and baby girl to the beach! We kept it simple (though the looks of my packed-like-sardines car wouldn't suggest so). Driving over to Vero, we only stayed for a couple hours, the most comfortable part of the day. Clear skies and BIG waves. We ate, we played, we read, we walked. No agenda. No distractions. Just enjoying each moment and each other. I loved every second :-)

By the way... You should hear this little girl say "seashells". And the shrieks of delight when the waves come crashing in. It will melt your heart...

(I think she's shrieking here.)

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Casa de Sutton said...

those are some gorgeous pictures of that sweet baby!!! what a beautiful mother's day!