Wednesday, May 4, 2011

18 months and Missed Adventures

So, my baby girl just turned 18 months old... 6 more months and we start counting her age in years! Its funny how we start out meticulously counting those weeks, careful not to make our babies any older than they truly are- an effort to hold on to a toddlerhood we know will disappear so quickly. We reluctantly count age in months... and then years.

I've read at 18th months toddlers experience "vocabulary explosion". Grace Louise is out to confirm the theory, chattering away with more words than I can count. Her voice is sweet and accent southern. We have conversations, even if no one else knows what she's saying :-) She's loving to be outside... always. Swinging, herding the chicks in the yard, pushing her cozy coupe, stroller, or grocery cart, and using her growing imagination for play!

We've had so many adventures in the past month, I just haven't been able to keep up with blogging. This is my last-ditch effort to capture some of the highlight moments... beginning with this post and continuing in a series of Missed Adventures... Enjoy!

Such a sweet moment. Grace Louise's first time playing with mommy's hair. I look forward to braids and other beautiful styles!

What? You don't read the paper on the pot?

Gardenias at BeBe and Pops' house. She picks flowers every Tuesday, and they smell so sweet!

Hanging out in our future backyard. Move in date is June 1st! Exciting!
A prayer request for our family- please pray for a buyer for our current home and trusting hearts to follow God's direction in all things concerning this move.

A spring break visit from Aunt Linz. Can't wait to see her again this summer!

No, Grace Louise doesn't have a baby brother... this is the adorable end result of my first doula client! It was a great learning experience for me, and I'm looking forward to my next delivery in June. Jimmy and I will be heading down to Ft. Myers next weekend for my Prenatal Yoga certification training. Lots of cool things happening with the Doulas of Lake Wales!

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