Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Christmas...

We were glad to celebrate Christmas on a Sunday this year. We enjoyed some nice family time in the morning- reading the entire Advent Story. Sharing our gifts with one another. And then heading off to church for a really special Christmas service.

Actually the first two pictures are from Christmas Eve Eve, which we celebrated with Jimmy's family here at the house. Grace Louise is sporting her new owl slippers from Uncle Marsh and delivering gifts.

A new baby from Aunt Lindsey! And a fishing pole from Pops and Bebe. More pics of the fishing sure to come... after all fishing is a daily activity around here!

Daddy helping Grace Louise open her "big" gift from mommy and daddy. A cabbage patch baby for the bathtub.
I think
she really
likes it!!!
And a doll house from LaLa and Poppee. We actually waited several days after Christmas for this big gift. It needed a morning all its own! It's been really fun watching her use her imagination with this toy!

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