Friday, June 3, 2011

Love Letters

Every major age milestone since Grace Louise was born, I've written her a little letter highlighting all the things she's doing and just sharing my heart at the moment. I have a letter that my mom wrote for me while she was pregnant, which I absolutely treasure! It is just so precious to have a glimpse into the heart of a mother, especially when its your own! Passionate Homemaking just wrote a blog entry about the art of letter-writing today (which I didn't even see until after I wrote this... how cool!)

An excerpt from GL's 18 month letter...

A few truly precious things you do that make my heart melt...

say “sit mommy” when you want to nurse

say “wapoo” (I love you!) and “night night skeeter bite!”

mimick mommy’s yoga poses

sit in front of your bookshelf on the floor and read book after book by yourself

sit on the big girl potty, get your own toilet paper, and wipe yourself (but you’re not potty trained yet!)

carry a purse and put small books and toys in it

carry your baby dolls everywhere

play peek a boo with yourself and other random objects, saying “where’d go?”

say really sweet southern things like “bye y’all”, “bye now”, and “oh my!”

cackle and shriek when you laugh

Mommy and daddy must continue to ask the Lord to guide our footsteps in parenting, careful not to put ourselves on auto-pilot or forget the purpose of what we are doing... training you to know and the love the Lord and to desire to give Him glory with your life. I want you to be smart. I want you to be talented. But most of all, I want you to desire after Jesus with your whole heart. I am so able to mess this up. I have a good chance of teaching you things I shouldn’t or not teaching you things I should. Yet, God’s grace is sufficient even for this. You are His. And this is all for His glory.

18months- Memorial Day Weekend


Matt and Christen said...

That is the sweetest letter to GL. I love the idea of writing letters to her. I might have to borrow that one! You are such a passionate mama. I LOVE reading your posts and being inspired.

Donna said...

That. was. SO. SWEET!!!